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Washington Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1011677

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a services and counsel at all points of the value chain with research,business and supply chain consulting as well as technology, creative services and e-business support, public relations, advertising and marketing services. Our philosophy is to ...

Cultural Profile

As a founding partner of the world's largest and most successful network of independent public relations and consulting firms, we have available the resources of major local firms in more than 110 of the world's major cities. Combined with our firm's offices this global capability enables us to better understand and work with social, ...

Firm Strengths

Reputation management Public issue management Research Global reach Marketing & Public Relations ...

One Last Word

Public Relations and advertising are two distinctively different disciplines. Both are critical to most corporations. We put much emphasis on PR as a management function that also serves the marketing function. ...

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