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Washington Public Relations Agency #03-1014521-097

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We a full-service North American public relations agency. We're a management-owned firm with four offices -- Washington, DC, Metro New York, Toronto and Montreal -- and approximately 80 staff members. Our services include communications strategies, media/analyst relations, ...

Cultural Profile

Our People are the Company. We choose our team with great care. We work hard to be innovative, proactive and highly attentive to our clients. The people we hire must share this outlook. All of our staff have the essential skill set required for the modern communicator: a creative and strategic mind, meticulous execution, excellent media relations ...

Firm Strengths

Media/analyst relations: this is the bread and butter of what we do - and we do it very well. We use every resource necessary to send our clients onto the front pages and over the airwaves as experts in their field. Positive, on-message media coverage is critical to a company's success. As the influence of the media continues to grow, coverage is ...

One Last Word

We encourage all of our clients to place this list on their bulletin boards and to ask themselves each and every day if we are delivering on these promises. These are the standards to which we hold ourselves and to which we would expect each client to hold us. ...

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