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Washington Direct Marketing Agency #03-1016252-432

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission is to help our clients identify, maintain and increase the yield from their customer base. We achieve this a number of ways: . We create, enable and operate loyalty programs which maximize ...

Cultural Profile

Our client service reflects our total business philosophy and strategy in that we treat our clients as "Best Customers." We practice what we preach. The benefit to our clients is a quality team of people that will deliver the customer service that they deserve and expect. ...

Firm Strengths

Complete resources and technology for the design, implementation and management of relationship marketing programs which recognize and reward customers by tracking their purchase behavior.

One Last Word

In 1981, American Airlines launched AAdvantage, the first modern "loyalty" program. AAdvantage was unique at the time because it managed customer recognition and reward by tracking actual purchase behavior with sophisticated database technology. We recognized this as "the shot heard round the world" in a new marketing revolution, and founded the ...

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