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Washington Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1028832-914

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We have a tradition of excellence in the public relations industry that spans more than fifty years. The firm, founded in 1948 by two childhood friends, is one of the largest independent public relations agencies in the world. ...

Cultural Profile

Highly Ethical Ours was the first PR agency to have an ethics committee and has led the communications industry in ensuring ethical standards/practices and integrity in programming for many years. The office-wide ethics committee meets quarterly to discuss topical issues and is available ...

Firm Strengths

Five of our 'core competencies:' Industry Analyst Relations Media Relations and Editorial Services Strategic Planning Community Relations/CSR ...

One Last Word

"Proactive" truly does not begin to describe our team. "Hyper vigilant," "on the ball," and "four steps ahead of us" is how we've been described by various clients. While we possess the critical "reactive" elements that comprise a successful public relations campaign, it is our proactive approach to everything from account ...

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