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Washington Advertising Agency #03-1034321-961

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are the most successful new products development company in the consumer packaged goods industry. As of 2008, our new products topped the best of IRI, NPD and ACNielsen Pacesetters for the 56th year in a row. In fact, our least successful new product ever conceived, ...

Cultural Profile

We fueled the rapid-growth consumer euphoria that characterized the birth of the consumer products industry by identifying and populating many of today's most influential consumer product categories with their first breakthrough new products - opening the door and paving the way for the brands who followed. Today, a consumer products industry in the ...

Firm Strengths

New product concept development, the creation of average skewing new knowledge that changes consumer habits and practices, packaging and delivery system design.

One Last Word

With new product concepts, packaging and delivery systems that are ever present and never twice the same we have created more successful new products in more categories than anyone else; which is why more manufacturers now source our company to conceive, create and evolve bigger ideas, packages and delivery systems. Today, more corporations ...

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