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Wichita Public Relations Agency #03-1020194-325

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency cultivates ideas, strategies, visions and solutions to make a positive impact on your business and produce results. We help you to communicate your brand's value to the market, thus enhancing your competitive position. The essence of our approach is improving the ...

Cultural Profile

Our team has backgrounds in media relations, business, government and technology. We're a very "young" agency, with both of the company's founders currently in their mid-30s and no staffer over the age of 37. There is no corporate environment at our agency and we work with our clients in much the same way. The way we work is very informal, with ...

Firm Strengths

1. Expertise on mobile/handheld/wireless computing technologies, and small technology companies in general. 2. A meticulous approach to media relations that works across a variety of industries. ...

One Last Word

Quotes from our clients: "Our media coverage has tripled since we decided to bring your agency on board. Your staff has exhibited a strong understanding of our industry and I highly recommend your services." ...

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