AgencyFinder Birthday Celebration Help AgencyFinder Celebrate Twenty Years of Great Matches.

We’ve stood the test of time;

Since its founding in 1997, AgencyFinder has guided client advertisers in the US and Europe to research, meet and then hire some of the finest marketing firms in the world. And yes, I’m speaking of yours.

Our agency search consultancy operates with no prejudice (agency identities are hidden during the initial review process). Our process works for clients spending less than $100,000 to over $100 Million.

Regardless of your agency’s size and location, there’s a client waiting for you. Let us introduce them to you.

Capture your share by purchasing enough time for it to happen.

Select from two programs, Manager and EVP Business. In this special offer (good only thru May 31st), well give you 20 months of client engagement at the cost of our regular 12-month plans. That’s a 66% increase in client exposure for your investment – and it’s an offer we’re making this month only.

Note: Any agency having made payment after March 1, 2017 is automatically upgraded to the corresponding 20-month program.

Most cost-Effective



Pay your $500 Registration fee; You’re fully paid for 20-MONTHS of unlimited invitations and due-diligence client telephone interviews.

EVP Business


Pay your $2,995 Annual Fee prior to your due-diligence telephone interview and you’re fully fee-paid for 20-MONTHS. No Registration Fee; No Contender fees. Unlimited invitations, due-diligence interviews and contentions. Plus automatic first-right-of-refusal referrals on near-by low-budget searches.

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