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New & Improved Agency Features

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Flash Report – November 30, 2000

This BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT information is for Certified Agencies, Agency New Business Executives and agency subscribers. We communicate with registered member-agencies using e-mail.


1. New & Improved Agency Features
2. Closing Techniques
3. Rude Awakening


We’re putting the finishing touches on a host of new features that will increase your chance for selection, invitation and award. An upcoming Flash Report will cover them in detail, but for the moment, take a look at two items that offer immediate benefit.

We’ve given you the ability to preview and then print full reports on all the agency data we have for your firm @


Forgot your User Name and Password? If so,

and if you’re the listed new business contact, just type your e-mail address at:

1. (Menu #13) The first is a CONFIDENTIAL version that’s only for you and us. Print this and circulate to others at the agency that would benefit from this summary.

2. (Menu #14) The second is what clients can see. I’d suggest you go there immediately to be certain your data is complete and accurate. Commonly overlooked is the year founded, number and location of additional offices, or capitalized billings. Each item is a selection criteria – missing or incorrect data can adversely affect your selection.


We’re soliciting your input for techniques we can share with clients to select the “perfect” agency from their short-list finalists. We have our favorites, but there’s room for more!

As it is, our process introduces clients quickly and precisely to a handful of pre-qualified agencies. Initial agency/client contact is by telephone, and that conversation gives you both a chance to test for “chemistry”, an important but elusive element that often makes the difference.

We make a powerful argument that the first face-to-face encounter should be at the agency. NOTICE that has them traveling to you, spending THEIR TIME AND THEIR MONEY to do so. As a result, you could end up saving the same or more than our registration and annual fees. Read our recommendations (Question #5) at:

Clients are always asking for help on the last phase. That’s where they invite you to come and present to them and their management. We speak strongly against spec creative, but they’re always looking for methodology to identify that “perfect” agency. That’s where you can contribute by adding to our existing recommendations.

So – send us your thoughts!


In our last Flash Report, we ran a letter from a client that was less than satisfied with the lack of response from some of his invited agencies. New reports of a slowing economy, with the forecast of reduced activity is another subtle warning for the

need to be prepared.

Bob Seltzer, president and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, in talking at the Public Relations World Congress 2000 about the business downturn that will inevitably follow the current boom, warned “There will come a time when we all will have to go hunting again” for new business.

As it relates to the Agencyfinder process, be certain to read and study your invitations as soon as they arrive, then call the client and conduct your discovery or let us know you have to decline. That process works and will fare-you-well in boom or in slow times.

Here’s to Great New Business!

Charles G. Meyst, Chairman/CEO

Business Partnering International, Ltd.
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 USA


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October 2, 2000 — A PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE

We promise confidentiality to searching clients, so it’s not often we get formal press. This appeared in ADWEEK, then AdAge and the NYTimes late last week.

DETROIT – Owens Corning has consolidated its $40 million advertising account with Doner in Southfield, Mich., after a review, sources said. The company previously used about 30 small agencies around the country. conducted the review for the business, which includes direct, trade, consumer, interactive, collateral, sales promotion and point of sale. Doner was also assigned media planning and buying. The company is planning a major repositioning and rebranding, sources said.

The Toledo, Ohio-based company manufactures such building materials as insulation, roofing and siding. The company has sales of $5 billion and employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide.

When Your Invitation Comes

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This BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT information is for Certified Agencies, Agency New Business Executives and agency subscribers. We communicate with registered member-agencies using e-mail.


1. When Your Invitation Comes
2. Essays Finished?
3. Agency Exhibit Opportunity


If you’ve received one of our many client invitations, you know the drill. Study the opportunity, examine the search criteria, research the client, determine if there’s a conflict, and if not, telephone the client within four business days. Test the water, measure the chemistry, ask your hardball questions about business plan and budget. Conduct your due diligence and decide if you want a spot on their short list. Tell them; please tell us.

About that introductory phone call. Based on our experience alone, we can tell you that faxes, e-mail and even voicemail “disappear” under the strangest circumstances. Don’t stop at just one call. These

clients picked you; they know who you are and they want to speak with you. If you don’t get a call-back, try again. Extract yourself from their voicemail and find a human. You were asked to call; make that clear to the gatekeepers.

If that doesn’t do it, try fax or e-mail. But if you can’t penetrate their armor at this stage, maybe they’re not right for you. That’s always your call.


We’ve added more bells and whistles, so when your agency makes their cut, clients move right to reading and evaluating your essays. If you’re missing any, you’ll get an auto e-mail alerting you to those that are. You’re given two business days to complete them. If you can’t, do so for the next hit.

Some clients have mentioned typos. It’s a good idea to check what you have posted; accuracy is one element clients are evaluating.


Our thanks to the agencies that sent great client samples for display in our new offices. Please note – we’re still accepting participants for that exhibit program. Directors Club agencies are automatically eligible to send us client work-samples for our Richmond headquarters. Iridium agencies may make written request. This work is hung on a rotational basis; we ask that samples be fairly large framed pieces (poster-size) and carry an agency credit plaque.

If you have samples you wish to display, write or e-mail to:

Victoria Bowring
Business Partnering International
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Charles G. Meyst, Chairman/CEO

Business Partnering International, Ltd.
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 USA Inc. Selects MMG Worldwide as its Marketing Communications Partner

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May 19, 2000 — Inc. Selects MMG Worldwide as its Marketing Communications Partner

Kansas City, MO — Clayton Reid, president, MMG Worldwide, today announced that the advertising and marketing communications firm has been selected as the brand-marketing partner for the $11 million account. MMG was chosen after a review of national agencies.

inTRAVELnet is a leisure travel and information services company that will offer real-time vacation interval marketing, exchange and auction capabilities via the Internet. The company is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol ITVRF.

inTRAVELnet’s products and services will enable the consumer to browse vacation interval listings, tour specific vacation ownership resorts, and buy, sell, exchange or rent intervals. The site will also feature all the e-commerce elements needed to help consumers make and finance their vacation package choices as well as book related travel needs.

MMG Worldwide will begin work immediately for inTRAVELnet. The company will define inTRAVELnet’s brand positioning as well as communications in print and broadcast advertising, collateral, promotions, public relations and database marketing.

“We are tremendously excited to be working for one of the leaders in vacation interval exchange,” said Reid. “As an advertising and marketing communications firm specializing in the destination and hospitality industry, MMG will provide inTRAVELnet with comprehensive product and service support in the international travel marketplace.”

MMG Worldwide, founded in 1981, is a Kansas City-based marketing communications firm specializing in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. The $80 million firm also operates offices in Philadelphia, Las Vegas and St. Louis, and employs 100 people.

inTRAVELnet retained to conduct an online search for marketing communications firms; parent company, Business Partnering International, Richmond, Virginia, provided additional off-line assistance. MMG Worldwide was selected as inTRAVELnet’s agency of record on the basis of vertical market experience, market specialization, range of services, media experience, and the ability to service the account throughout North America. The database represents the pre-screening and certification of more than 4,000 top-ranked international agency offices. Moves to New Quarters

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March 15, 2000 — Moves to New Quarters

Richmond, VA — Business Partnering International, Ltd., owner/operator of, announced their move to new offices this week. J. Lee Poates, Director Agency Services confirmed that operations moved to 4327 Cox Road, Vantage Place, Innsbrook Business Park in Glen Allen, VA 23060, a Richmond suburb. Phone, fax and e-mail contacts remain unchanged.

The move allows for the consolidation of marketing operations, previously located in New York. The Technology Center continues to operate from offices in Washington, DC. At the Glen Allen location, agencies registered in the Directors Club are automatically entitled to submit client work for rotational wall display; Iridium agencies may make written request.

PiNGPoNG.CoM drops FCB, Switches $30 Million Account to Doner

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February 28, 2000 — PiNGPoNG.CoM drops FCB, Switches $30 Million Account to Doner

Fountain Valley, CA — Doner, Newport Beach, has taken over an estimated $30 million national advertising campaign for Fountain Valley-based Internet startup PiNGPoNG.CoM following the Internet company’s split this month with FCB Worldwide in Costa Mesa. Two months after it selected FCB as its first advertising agency, PingPong has parted ways with the OC ad shop citing “fundamental creative differences.”

“They had developed some creative specs for us, but no ad work,” said David Kwan, an executive at PingPong. The company, which has more than 20 employees, was formed by a group of former Kingston Technology executives. Its products are designed to make using the Internet easier.

Jim Harrington, FCB’s executive vice president and general manager, said the agency and PingPong “agreed it was not in either of our best interests to work together” We just flat-out disagreed about how to position this product, so it didn’t make sense to continue. It makes more sense to work with someone that has a similar position as they do. We didn’t agree on how to position it.”

When PingPong was shopping its business a few months ago, the company interviewed Doner, FCB and three other semi-finalists: Townsend & O’Leary in Irvine; J. Walter Thompson USA in San Francisco; and Arnold Ingalls Moranville in San Francisco.

Doner, which set up shop in OC more than a year ago to handle its client Mazda North America’s $250 million account, has added several non-automotive accounts to its roster, including Intellifutures. Doner has also moved its Long Drug Stores account here to defend it in a review.

The agency switch will not delay PingPong’s planned mid-2000 national advertising and product launch that will include interactive, print and online advertising, Kwan said. Announces Partner Search

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January 12, 2000 – Announces Partner Search

Richmond, VA — Marketing firm executives looking for a strategic partner to handle anything from media buying or public relations to creating campaigns targeting minority markets now have a new way to find what they’re looking for – fast and free.

Now they too can use the same powerful search and invite process that advertisers have used to find the perfect agency. But now they’ll use it to find the perfect partner (maybe even an agency you’d like to acquire or join forces with in a merger or roll-up).

By clicking at “SEARCH NOW,” and registering as a searcher, by answering a few simple questions, in less than 15 minutes they will have identified a fully qualified list of potential partners — each guaranteed to meet or exceed their needs.

Best of all, this service is FREE to Certified Agencies that have paid their annual registry fee. If not, there’s a one-time search fee of $1,000. For firms selected in a search by a Certified Agency, will make the introduction without charge if they’ve paid their annual registry fee. If they haven’t and they’re interested in talking with the searching marketing firm, they pay a one-time introduction fee of $1,000.


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December 1, 1999 — PiNGPoNG.CoM Taps FCB

Fountain Valley, CA —, a Fountain Valley, CA Web navigating tool, selected FCB Worldwide, Costa Mesa, CA, part of True North Communications, as first agency for its $30 million account. Other agencies in the review included J. Walter Thompson USA, San Francisco; Townsend & O’Leary, Irvine, CA; Doner, Newport Beach, CA; and other shops.

PiNGPoNG.CoM Picks Finalists In $30 Million Pitch

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September 27, 1999 — PiNGPoNG.CoM Picks Finalists In $30 Million Pitch

Los Angeles, CA — A new Internet company with backing from John Tu, owner and founder of computer hardware firm Kingston Technologies, is in the advanced stages of an estimated $30 million agency review. David Kwan, principal and director of strategic planning at Fountain Valley, Calif.-based, confirmed the review, but would not disclose the value of the account.” The kind of ad budget we’re looking at is significant, but I can’t confirm an actual number,” he said. will revolutionize how information is exchanged over the Internet, hence the lower case “i” and “o” in the company name, which denotes input and output, Kwan said, declining to give details. assisted with the initial screening of respondents, but most elements of the search are being handled in-house, Kwan said. The review is in its final stages, having been narrowed to five or six West Coast agencies, sources said. A decision is expected this fall. “We prefer geographic proximity, but are primarily looking for the best agencies,” Kwan said. “We’re looking for a likeable team of flexible people who will work well with us. They have to see themselves as part of our organization.”

Expertise launching campaigns across a wide array of media is essential, as is strength in media planning and buying, Kwan said. One source said the company hopes to break a campaign before the end of the year. “We’ll do things rapidly, but not at a pace that will be impossible to achieve,” Kwan said. He declined to specify a launch date for the service. “We will present a company profile at some point in the future. Right now, let’s just say we’re doing some very exciting stuff that will turn the Web around,” Kwan said. Although Tu is a backer, Kingston Technology, which specializes in computer memory products, processor upgrades, storage subsystems and networking solutions, is not, Kwan said. Announces $30 Million Search for PiNGPoNG.CoM

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September 2, 1999 – Announces $30 Million Search for PiNGPoNG.CoM

Richmond, VA — Business Partnering International, Ltd., today announced their search on behalf of PiNGPoNG.CoM, a start-up Internet software and service company located in Fountain Valley, California. PiNGPoNG.CoM has pulled together an eclectic team from the computer hardware, computer software, publishing, and academic worlds that together are pioneering the “3rd wave” of the Internet.

Lucas King, PiNGPoNG.CoM Director of Marketing remarked, “With strong financial backing from a first round of venture funding, we’ve developed a new interface to the Internet – a fully customizable control panel called the PowerPanel. The PowerPanel integrates all the things you do on the web into one, easy-to-use interface. It doesn’t replace the browser; it integrates with and goes beyond the browser, providing personalized, dynamic context to access and interact with information on the web. The PiNGPoNG.CoM vision is to turn the Internet from a “go-and-see” into a “come-to-me” medium of communication, one that is completely wrapped around you – the user. Hence the theme: Turn the Web Around.”

Charles Meyst, Chairman and CEO of BPI stated, “beyond the client’s stringent on-line search specifications, we also refined candidates by confirming experience with dotcom startups.” PiNGPoNG.CoM expects to make an appointment for their $30 million account in early October.

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