Established Company in the East Looking to Replace Long-Time Incumbent (details below)

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Our client operates businesses at and on major airports in the North East.  You might say the client is in the hospitality business. They’re an established company (20+ years) with an incumbent and an unusual and challenging business model.  They’re interested in finding a new agency that can ad some energy to their on-site marketing. What they do and what they need is rather unusual and in many ways, they need a hands-on agency partner. They purchase relatively little conventional media but do considerable on-site display on each of their properties.

In their search, they identified these vertical markets as appropriate to what they do.  Aviation, Real estate – commercial,  Retail stores & chains,  Shopping centers & malls,  Travel or Tourism (one or any combination). As to location, good if you have an office anywhere within these regions (US New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT), US East (DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, WV), US Southeast (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA). Budget covers fees and production (no media) in excess of $500,000.

British Sports Goods Manufacturer with Wholesale Office in US Southeast Seeks Public Relations

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Wholesale supplier of binoculars, scopes and other sports optics equipment to dealers, retail outlets, web retailers in the North American market looking to develop an effective communication program with print and online media outlets in various vertical markets that demand sports optics. Client doesn’t specify agency location. Budget TBD

IIlinois Non-Profit ‘KarriedAway’ Looking to Establish ProBono Marketing Relationship

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KarriedAway, with offices in Maryville, Il, is searching for a firm to help promote our non-profit. We would like an agency to make contact with print and other media, and help to raise awareness of our organization. Our board of directors has a total of over 167 years of experience in helping those with diagnosed disabilities build community, develop natural supports, and find meaningful employment. Using our serchg engine, they specified:

FIELDS SERVED: Fundraising, Non-profit

SERVICES DESIRED: Fundraising, foundation work, Marketing plan development, Media relations, Non-profit marketing, Viral marketing, Web site design & development, Web video

Client contact: Sue Brown (you may go direct) Title: Chair,  Firm: KarriedAway, Inc. , Address: PO Box 849,   City: Maryville,   State: IL,   Zip: 62062,   Country: USA,   Tel: 618-580-6275,   Fax: 618-345-8319,  Email: karriemom@charter.net

Detroit-area Federal Lawsuit Begs for Professional Publicity – Payment Offered or Pro-Bono

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Retired land developer and builder wants to hire a public relations firm or individual that has contacts with local Detroit, Michigan Metropolitan Area media outlets such as television, newspapers, etc.

I want to have a professional person that can help me in a major Federal lawsuit get information published concerning corrupt city personnel in a small suburban city north of Detroit, MI that have confiscated the home of a WWII veteran who fought in the Pacific Theatre and yet the government, through corruption and retaliation has taken over this person’s property and given it to one of the richest golf clubs in the country to use as a retension pond for all of its storm water.

For contact information, write chuck@agencyfinder.com or call 804-346-1812  Please do so now …



World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine Seeks Public Relations Assistance in UK

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We’re actively working to build our brand and become a recognized name for half of the world’s population by 2020! As we begin our international expansion, we need PR and marketing support across Europe for our suite of International products to promote our brand and global programs, build awareness and drive downloads of our products. Beginning with discrete and targeted assignments in key markets such as the U.K. and Germany to prove viability and ROI, we will expand our budgets as our European user base grows. To pave the way for our expansion outside our home country, we have developed a number of mobile (Android) and desktop (PC) applications available to the wide world. Client will visit and tour semi-finalist UK agencies.

On-Line Vacation Broker Launching New Public Page; Needs Assistance with Media Strategy.

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We are launching our new Public Page, therefore we need to start from scratch.  So far we have been offering our products under a subscription System to a captive clientele. At this time we are opening to a huge market and we need to be up to the level of the competitors such as Expedia, Orbitz and Booking.com. Subscription revenue for our private model runs about $3MM.  Need agency guidance on budget.  Prefer agency in Orlando.


Ever Done Work for a Payroll and Advisory Firm? One is Looking …

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Our company is in the business of payroll and advisory.  Our clients hire us for payroll but it’s the expertise we have in labor relations, production tax incentives, workers compensation and other services that make our offering valuable and rare.

Looking for an agency of an appropriate size to serve as our go-to creative house. I’m looking for the ability to design and execute a multitude of different projects from print to web. Strategic advice and consulting is welcome as well but design chops come first.  It is preferable if the agency has worked in B2B, entertainment, payroll, professional services, or technology. We meet at the intersection of these business segments. Budget between $100,001 & $250,000 covers fees and production; no media. We’re West Coast so if you’re nearby, great. But location is secondary to qualifications.


Shopping for a New Home? Our Service Points You to Best Choices – But We Also Need Public Relations

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It’s easy to find just any agent — they advertise on bus stops, newspapers, and websites. Your friends and family all know an agent to refer you to. You’re buying a house, not going out to dinner – your choice of agent can cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. How do you really know if you’re hiring someone who specializes in the exact location and price range you’re looking at? A proven Realtor means better results. Match making, that’s what we do – something along the lines of AgencyFinder!

We’re thinking public relations, media relations, trade show support with a market focus on the consumer.  Using AgencyFinder’s options, we’ve selected $100,001 – $250,000 to cover fees, production and media.



Leading Manufacturer of Hardware/Software Motion Controllers Ready for New Agency

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We are looking for an agency that understands high-tech B2B advertising.  Motion controllers and PLC’s are niche product lines. Our customer profile is the OEM that designs our products into their systems from the design phase. We must appeal to the engineering mind. We want to start with online and print advertising and some PR and move on from there so we now need a full-scale agency. Agency location is less important than category experience. Planning to spend $200,000 plus for media and agency fees.


Worldwide Charity Run Benefiting Major Non-Profit Needs Marketing Partner

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We are looking to contract out all of our marketing, social media and PR which have thus far been handled in house but by one individual. We have grown and can now afford to do it right. We thrive on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We do most of our marketing on facebook currently. Planning to spend $200,000 or so. East Coast headquarters but events are worldwide and still growing.


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