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“We were seeking an agency with broad capabilities, new energy, creative thinking and experience in our industry. The process of creating a list of agencies by location, or some arbitrary internet search of capabilities, was obviously not the efficient or effective way to go about this daunting process. Culling agencies based on their website & cold-calling those that offered some indication of compatibility seemed daunting. The best case scenario, it would have been a time consuming and somewhat random search. At worst, it would open the field for agencies that did not fit my bill to hound me for years to come.

Agencyfinder simplified, and frankly dignified, the process. I felt that the search was encompassing, easy to cull, and provided me with a very detailed description of capabilities, size & experience, insight into agency philosophy, and more. Agencyfinder also provided a nice introductory platform from which to make initial contact. I was able to get the selected few agencies working on an assignment quickly, and then make a final judgment based on performance. One agency stood out as a clear winner –making the final decision easy. The one initial brand assignment has grown to several more in a very short period of time.

Working with the AgencyFinder staff has been a pleasure in every way and I recommend them highly.”


November 20, 2014

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