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“When MGM Resorts C-Level management asked me to get involved with finding our corporate Agency of Record I welcomed the task, but quickly realized it was ripe with opportunity for disaster…I spoke with several peers, but they only had generic advice and I needed specifics – that’s when we found AgencyFinder and things began to take off! We were able to easily and quickly find everything we needed on the site to build out a credible knowledge base of scope, industry norms, and “gotcha’s”, and then came the best part, we were able to laser target Agencies (many of whom we’d either never heard of or if we had – didn’t know how to get a hold of) that fit the very tight profile we were looking for like no other tool I’ve ever seen in the Supply Chain profession. At least we thought that was the best part – then Chuck and his team of professionals surprised the heck out of us with a series of personal follow up emails and phone calls that turned out to be some of the best and most cost effective consulting/advising we’d ever experienced. If you’re looking to find a great Agency, AgencyFinder get’s my highest recommendation.”

November 29, 2014

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