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Client Search News – February 09, 2001

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.


1. New Search Features & Attributes
2. The New Economy
3. Pre-Search Assistance
4. Employment Research
5. General Agency Information
6. Sales Representation
7. Vendor Offers


Our latest version of is packed with new features and attributes that will help find your ideal marketing agency — more precisely and quicker than ever before. By example, we’ve added 31 new “fields served” (previous client experience); 23 new “services offered”; and you can even narrow your search by location.

Once you’ve finished scoring the agency’s essays and case histories, you get a complete report – not just to show compatibility with your search, but a complete and comprehensive report on ALL their attributes.

You’ll have far more than an agency list; you’ll have candidates that meet ALL your requirements. And clients appreciate our formal invitational process that identifies and introduces you to each agency’s new business executive; not a receptionist or thenew business coordinator.

Our agency-sponsored service means you search without cost; it’s the equivalent of a full-featured consultant search… for free!


Headlines are filled with gloom and doom. Major corporations fail to meet stated expectations for revenue and profit. Extensive layoffs are becoming the norm. The Fed cuts rates. What’s next?

If ever there was a time to find the perfect agency partner to insure that your marketing is working as hard as possible, that time is now. If it’s any indication, new clients registering for searches have increased significantly in the past few weeks over seasonal norms. f you have an agency (advertising, public relations, etc.) but if they’re not performing up to expectations and if you’ve already discussed this with them, then consider a quick, CONFIDENTIAL search to check your options. With, no one other than our staff knows of your registration and search – until you’re ready to announce it.


If our process is new for you, or if this is a new assignment and you’d like to talk it through before you begin on-line, call us Toll-Free @ 1-877-XFINDER. That service is free as well.


If you’re conducting research for employment reasons, we’ve added new links that will help. Follow these in:


For those seeking more general information on an agency, we’ve added new links that take you there. If you need more, just give us a call. Follow these in:


If you’re seeking sales representation for your company’s products or services, follow this in:


If you have a commercial opportunity to bring to the attention of our Certified agencies, we’ve also developed something for that. Follow this in:

VIEW OUR ADS in Brandweek Magazine and in The Advertiser, official publication of the ANA.


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