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Flash Report – March 30, 2001

This BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT information is for agencyfinder.com Certified Agencies, Agency New Business Executives and agency subscribers. We communicate with registered member-agencies using e-mail.


1. Dirty Data Database
2. Opt-in NaDa
3. Small Budget Opportunities


I suspect you try to respond to client concerns like we do. Here’s the situation.

We’ve had clients report that some invited agencies couldn’t support their claims for previous experience. The agency had samples, but for some reason didn’t know industry jargon, and ultimately couldn’t justify their credentials.

We call that Dirty Data Database. When you have a moment, review your selections in Section 9 — Fields Served, just to be certain they reflect what you want to claim. Our complex search algorithms let

clients specify and find your agency with precision that far exceeds any other on-line or off-line service. Agencyfinder.com operates on the premise that our clients search for agencies that already know their business, or their industry.

Translated: your data must define your present capabilities and actual experience. Our system is not meant to support “wish-list” profiles. Supposition selling belongs in your “outreach program.” Clients are done a major disservice if we introduce them to unqualified agencies. Unqualified agencies also displace truly qualified candidates.


New business professionals are always looking for new ways to get new clients. Your decision to register was a good one, as long as you understand what WE ARE NOT.

WE ARE NOT an opt-in RFP service. We’re a data-driven client/agency on-line and off-line match-making service that selects from the extensive data you provide. That’s why you need to enter much more than just a name and e-mail address.

Here’s a sample of one project currently available on an opt-in service we’ll call XXX Affiliates. “When you sign-up as an XXX Affiliate you will receive 14 months of projects matched to your specific expertise.”

“You can start responding to projects from the day you sign-up as an Affiliate. Budgeted amounts are typically just the starting point of a much larger opportunity, for firms in our program that offer the high-quality services we promote.”

“Project ID: 18000”
“Project Title: Optical Fiber Manufacturing Plant in China”

“Description: The client is looking for consulting services to setup an optical fiber manufacturing facility in China. The consulting firm must be capable of giving advise on equipment, process, training of personnel and testing.”

“Last Date to Accept Responses: March 30, 2001”
“Estimated Budget: $50,001-$100,000”

This was meant for affiliates in the “Consultant” category. Anybody interested?


March 15th I talked about small budget

opportunities that fall below our $1 million design threshold.

Through today, we’ve processed over 560 searches with budgets less than $1 million. That represented over $165 million that needed to be placed. This translates to about one search each business day. That’s the business that will be referred.

If your agency guarantees results from the work you do for your clients, we’d like to know. As much as we’d like to ourselves, we can’t. What we can do is look back at what’s happened so far. You can study our publicity link to see the clients, the values and the agencies that are getting the business, but the decision to get involved is yours.

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