The process of bringing goods or services to market

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Client Search News – February 07, 2002

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.

Good Morning!

The experts are telling us that the economy is showing signs of recovery. If site registrations are any indication, I’d agree. Our January 2002 traffic was equal to March 2001, our highest volume month last year.

This is a good time to assess your need for professional outside marketing counsel. I like the simple definition for marketing – “the process of bringing goods or services to market.” Having said that, it means that a host of processes are involved:

1. advertising
2. public relations
3. research
4. development
5. collateral materials
6. sales promotion
7. direct marketing
8. interactive marketing

5. trade shows
6. sales

You may have sufficient staff so that you don’t need much outside help. Then again, maybe you favor hiring experts “as or when you need them.” Whatever the case, the coming months will determine just how well your company fares in the improving economy.

If you already have an agency under contract, ask yourself:

1. Is their work for us exciting?
2. Are we getting what we pay for?
3. Do they think about us without being prodded?
4. If we need “full service”, are THEY “full service?”
5. Do they fight for what they believe (and know?)
6. Do they respect us (our service or product?)
7. Do they understand our target market?
8. Have they explored ALL the options?
9. Are we their BEST client?
10. Do they generate a ROI?If you don’t have an existing agency relationship, consider this:

1. You know YOUR business; are you also a marketing expert?
2. Even if YES, do you have time to handle both jobs?
3. How do you look against your best competitor?
4. Is your ad budget more than 5% of sales?
5. Do you HAVE an advertising budget?
6. Is your marketing founded on research?
7. Does your in-house work (really) save you money?
8. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell colleagues you’ve now got your “own” agency?

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How much you CAN spend depends on how much you can afford. Not just based on “what’s in the bank,” but a complex calculation that includes predicted response (ROI) to your pro-active marketing actions, coupled with cash-flow, and based on anticipated and available funds.

How much you SHOULD spend is for the marketing professionals (ad agencies, public relations folks, other marketing types). That takes into account your corporate objectives (as in – sales as a result of…), intended market share, or increase in market share, ability to fund expenditures, etc.

When you speak with agency folk, engage in open dialogue when it comes to the BUDGET. If it’s time for a new agency (or a fresh marketing partner), think and act carefully. Investigate only those candidates that possess the attributes you demand. In the final analysis, you’ll select for capability and chemistry. In business, birds-of-a-feather flock together and likes do attract.

Finally, regardless of your size (budget, market-share, employees or locations), be certain your marketing candidates will do for you that which you can’t already do for yourself.

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