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Client Search News – April 25, 2002

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ agencyfinder.com. Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.

WOULD YOU AGREE – “the good times of the 90’s let agencies get away with making a less-than-wonderful advertising product that didn’t always achieve what their clients need.”

HOW ABOUT THIS FOR A GREAT IDEA? – fund a major research study aimed at better quantifying the value and results of advertising.

At the recently concluded 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies) convention in Dana Point, CA, Ken Kaess, president- CEO of DDB Worldwide and Chairman of the 4As Board of Directors, said and then proposed exactly that.

Ken speaks for some of the largest, some of the finest agencies in the world. 4A membership peaked at 600 or so; reports have it down at the moment. But the truth is that AAAA member- agencies don’t handle the bulk of the volume that’s done.

For that, there are almost 30,000 US companies in SIC category 7311 (Ad agencies and counselors), then another 16,300 in SIC category 8743 (Public relations services) offering to help YOU with your marketing, advertising and publicity needs.

As a matter of interest, the majority of AAAA members are registered here @agencyfinder.com, but so too are many of the finest independents.


Are you thinking of conducting a search for a new, additional or replacement agency to handle your advertising, marketing or public relations? If so, please use your Reply-to-Sender button and tell us more by marking with an X:

1. If searching for a replacement agency,
you are because:

a. we’ve outgrown our existing agency
b. our agency appears disinterested, and falls
short on service
c. their creative is not delivering as needed
d. we’ve experienced some unethical practices
e. we’re too small for what they’ve become
f. the chemistry has fallen flat

2. Please rank (number) the following by importance: a. creative b. strategic planning c. tactical execution d. creative awards e. location f. service g. chemistry h. size 3. With regard to your budget: a. we’d like the agency to help define and quantify b. we have a figure in mind c. that figure (annualized) is: $ 4. Regarding timetable, we’d like to have the new agency aboard: a. next 60 days b. third quarter 2002 c. fourth quarter 2002 d. Next fiscal 2003


The industry press is full of conflicting reports – recent news suggest that media spending is still down and continues to stay so. Others predict upturns, but with few specifics. What you do now with your marketing partners (ad agency, pr firm, etc.) and when you begin can be two different things.

There are hundreds, approaching thousands of fine companies you can turn to, and trust. But it takes time to find and sort them through.

We’d like to share these statistics once we compile them. Your information will be appreciated. But if you need to search, start soon!

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Advertising and marketing experts…

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If You’re An Agency, Be Sought by:
Manufacturers, retailers and service providers
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