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Client Search News – June 05, 2002

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.


You know the truth – no business is immune or exempt from the need to sell its goods or services.

You also know about the cobbler’s kids and no shoes. That’s a sad story, but not a good excuse. The cobbler’s kids deserve the very best (no, this is NOT a plug for a brand; just a matter of analogy).

When you turned (or will turn) to an advertising agency or PR firm for help selling YOUR goods or services, you expect expert advice. That’s why it makes sense to find out what your agency (or the pitching agency) does to sell ITS services.

Do they have some form of sales organization, individual or pro-active outreach process? How do they “market” themselves to those that didn’t take the initiative to telephone them – i.e. what options do they use in the way of advertising, publicity, trade show participation, direct marketing, website, etc?

It takes one to know one; it takes one to BE one. Make a point to learn how your agency (candidate) handles the sales process and how they do new business development. Then keep (or hire) one that practices what they preach.


If you already have a great marketing partner, you’re fortunate.

If you need one, or want to check your options, now is a good time.

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