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Client Search News – July 29, 2002

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.

A conventional advertising or public relations agency search can get pretty expensive. There’s your time, your staff’s time, the cost of the search consultant, and the time-consuming agency candidate meetings. And there are tremendous costs, and potential market losses, when you select the wrong agency.

We can eliminate the consultant component, mentor so you specify precisely what YOUR firm needs in an agency, help identify extremely pre-qualified agencies, handle all the invitations and follow-up, and then eliminate the time and expense of inappropriate candidate meetings.

To see how, and begin your NO COST search, click here:


If you’re serious, you want to hire a new agency and move on – not search for the sake of searching. The most critical element is defining candidates. With, that first pass can take minutes, your final pass in just under an hour. But you’ll want to confer with us to confirm or even improve upon your original selections.

From registration to agency invitations takes about 2 – 3 days. We’ll help you outline the remaining steps, but in general, it’s easy to make your final selection 30 – 60 days after we invite. If your invited agency list is small, it’s not unheard of to conclude in a few weeks.


If you’re ready to look, NOW is the perfect time. Let your competition worry while you make plans for positive change. If you wait ’til the end of summer, the great agencies will be busy assisting clients that thought ahead. Don’t doodle!

For something a bit more in-depth, (although not precisely written for last week’s Market stumble), read this: WHEN IT’S TIME FOR THE AGENCY VISIT:

Don’t invite candidate agencies to your place first – big mistake! Go to them. See how they keep their house in order. Meet ALL their employees, not just the Suits. Make it a high-touch visit. Remember, ultimately you’re looking for a true marketing partner; an agency that will lose sleep when you do, and shout for joy with you when it’s time to celebrate.

Here’s a check-list for that visit:

That’s it for now. Have a great “rest-of-the-summer” and call us if you need help in any way.


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