BPI’s agencyfinder.comTM Introduces ROAI Tools

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February 28, 2003 — BPI’s agencyfinder.comTM Introduces ROAI Tools

Richmond, VA – In response to growing client interest in measuring the return on advertising investment (ROAI), agencyfinder.com is introducing additional database attributes and agency essays that address the topic.

Chuck Meyst, CEO and founder stated “today’s economy, coupled with corporate management’s increased interest in measuring for a return on investment spending, has resulted in clients asking agencies for evidence; evidence that marketing expenditures produce some form of measurable positive response as a reward for making that investment. Arguably, experts have varying opinions on the extent to which that is possible, or at least the extent to which measurements can be made.”

Within the agencyfinder.com database, there are already more than 400 fields or “selectable attributes” by which an agency defines itself and by which they are found. Meyst added, “Now, within the section entitled Services Offered, we’re adding additional choices, including “ROAI tools” and others as determined after we conclude our agency and client research. We’re also adding appropriate Essays, where agencies (advertising, pr and other marketing categories) can share their views and opinions on this topic.”

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