If You’re Involved & Chose to Reduce Spending

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Client Search News – February 19, 2003

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1. If You’re Involved & Chose to Reduce Spending
2. It’s Feast or Famine


If – you’re in any way involved with marketing for your company, you’ve got your hand full. Faced with a flagging economy, terrorist threats, the lurking war with Iraq, and now a major blizzard, corporate marketing executives and their agency marketing partners are being challenged like never before.

If – you haven’t hunkered down with your trusted agency (ad or pr), it may be time to do so. Talk with them about options; talk about measuring what’s working and about ROI. If you don’t start examining things now, you may find your accounting or procurement departments assigned to
do so for you.

If – you’ve chosen to reduce spending, this might also be a good time to read Al Ries’s arguments for public relations as put forth in his latest book “The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.” In a word, Al suggests, “build brands with public relations and defend brands with advertising.” That topic alone is worth a meeting with your agency.

If – you don’t have a trusted agency marketing partner, now’s the time to get one. Agencyfinder can guide you through each and every step, even if you’ve never done so before.


If – you’d like some “getting started” advice:

If – you’d like some expert tricks & tips:
https://www.agencyfinder.com/advertiser-searchtips.html IT’S FEAST OR FAMINE

It’s amazing that different parts of the country, and different industries are experiencing such significant variations in activity. Some ad agencies report getting a flurry of RFP’s or RFI’s (Request for Proposals or Request for Information) and are hard-pressed to decide which get first priority. Yet others would give anything to be able to sit and speak with you to learn more about your marketing challenges.

That’s why it may make sense to explore your options now. If you don’t have an agency of record, or if you’ve decided your present agency is no longer sufficient, sit down and map your needs. List your most critical services – things like print or collateral production, corporate identity, direct marketing, sales promotions, viral marketing, events and community marketing, media planning and media buying, public relations, research, trade show production or support, custom publishing, broadcast radio or TV production, or web site design and development – to name just a few.

Previous experience in your industry is a common desire for most clients. If that’s true for you, make it mandatory. Even the intended media recipient – as in – what market do you need to reach? Specify that too, including affluent, African-American, Asian,
Hispanic & Latino, consumer (male/female/youth/mature), International (Europe, Latin America), etc.

You’re looking, so you control. Set minimum requirements. Look for agencies that satisfy those and settle for nothing less.

If you have questions or need help, call us. The Agencyfinder service is sponsored by our Certified agencies, so you search and find, all at NO CHARGE.


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