You Want Your Agency on What Floor?

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Flash Report – September 15, 2003

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1. You Want Your Agency on What Floor?
2. Clients Sign an Agreement; Have You Seen It?
3. Chemistry Actually Does Win New Clients
4. We Engage in Agency Intercourse
5. Those Unethical Consultants
6. New Business Awards
7. RefNet Assignments

YOU WANT YOUR AGENCY ON WHAT FLOOR? An association that deals in human resource issues chose for their agency review. They wanted the agencies “close” (many clients still find location an issue) and we always try to accommodate. Most invited agencies were within a radius of few miles; but one was in the same building, just two floors down! A pleasant surprise for client and agency. That happened to us once before on a search in New York City for Foot Locker.


Clients that search at have to pass muster at our front door. We do about as much as we can to confirm their search particulars (including budget), but unfortunately can’t warrant them any more than we can warrant your agency data. However, before we provide our no-cost (to the searcher) service, we do get a signed Search Consent Agreement. That and our Review Process at are required readings. You’re invited to study them both.


Clients repeatedly tell us when they “like” and “don’t like” an agency. That assessment begins when they read your essays, continues during your initial telephone interview and due-diligence, is even more evident during their visit to your agency, and finally rings the bell or gongs the gong at final presentations.

But it begins with your essays, and was designed to work that way. Clients and consultants remark “many agencies say the same things.” If you try our Demonstration Search, you may come to the same conclusion. But from time to time, we delight in reading and then approving (essentially making them “live”) some refreshing essays. With no more delay, we present some Certified Agency “fresh air.” (three different agencies)

Essay – LAST WORD:
We create exceptional communications. Messages that resonate. That stick in people’s heads like gum to the underside of a desk. These messages are the result of greatly inspired, mildly obsessed minds coming together. Giving them life. Giving your brand a sound, a taste, a smell, a soul. And you the unfair advantage.

Essay – LAST WORD:
And now a view from the belly of the beast. a few words from a recently hired senior copywriter.

Perhaps as part of some cruel initiation ritual, or simply because I was out of the room at the time, I have been asked to give an insider’s view of the agency’s culture. This I will try to do as honestly as I can.

I had never heard of this agency before I arrived for my interview. To tell the truth I wasn’t expecting much. I walked in mentally organizing the other
agency interviews I had in larger cities. They never had a chance after that morning.

There is a fevered commitment to outstanding work. The belief that original thinking can shake up a marketplace, topple competitors, instill new feelings about a brand, even create a market where there was none before.

There is an almost fanatical devotion to the possibilities of an assignment and the unrivaled execution of the ideas. Even if it’s a quick turnaround time, even if it’s a small budget. My colleagues are from all over the country – from major agencies, major markets, major brands. Among us, there is a mutual respect and admiration and of course a healthy rivalry to push the thinking and each other.

This agency is a group of irreverent, hilarious, lovable lunatics who are serious about creating fresh, outstanding, strategically sound, daringly original work for our clients. They’re great people who are doing great work. That’s why I chose them. And why you should too.

Essay – MEDIA:
Putting your logo or message somewhere people will see it isn’t the goal. Often, it isn’t even a good idea for the human race.

There are far too many messages and logos all over the world as it is.

Help us make this planet more beautiful, compassionate and serene, not uglier and junkie. Help us by creating, approving and running better, more beautiful work and put an end to the ordinary.

Now, to answer your question: We do creative media planning in-house. Buying is through a partner firm. But please, no more logos in our kids’ schools.


We’re special (we say that and mean it). We want to maintain an ongoing Internet AND verbal relationship with all our Certified agencies. We want ongoing intercourse, we want to exchange new business tips and ideas, to help see that your agency data is “client-magnetic.” As one step in our selection process, agencies are “triple-filtered,” not foisted on clients just because… or because we say so. Your attributes get you found, and your essays add the sizzle.

So – if we haven’t talked in some time, take our calls (Kaille Padgett is doing that on a regular basis) or lift the phone and call us. TOLL-FREE. 1-877-XFINDER (1-877-934-6337)


In AdAge’s Viewpoint, September 8th, O. Burtch Drake, President-CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies, wrote a solid piece entitled “Beware Numbers Game” with the subhead

“Some consultants abuse compensation review process.”

Burtch reports that “over the past months, a growing number of 4A members have alerted 4A management to questionable and unethical tactics employed by a handful of compensation consultants.” He continued, “A few dishonorable consultants are exploiting these circumstances and promising advertisers huge savings on agency compensation agreements.”

Burtch continues with what reads to be some pretty serious allegations and abuse. But rather than blowing the whistle on the few (by naming names), he suggests that clients planning to hire a compensation consultant ask a series of qualifying questions, in an attempt to determine if the consultant is both qualified and legitimate.

If those agency reports and complaints are true, his evidence suggests clients aren’t able to discern the truth. So why not NAME NAMES? If agencies are reporting the truth, then those agencies and the clients they duped should be happy to serve witness.

There’s already enough rumbling and grumbling about “consultants”; let’s clear the decks!

P.S. – Why would any agency let a client even BEGIN to suggest what the agency’s profit margins should be? Are we to believe that same client dictates the margin of profit for their legal counsel? I suspect not.

Thanks for taking time to read this; we look forward to getting you face-to-face with a great prospect.


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