Al Gore Rhythms (the powerhouse of our database)

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Flash Report – February 27, 2006

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1. Al Gore Rhythms (the powerhouse of our database)
2. Revised Web Site Coming – We Would Value Your Input
3. Grandma Luge Made Olympic History
4. There Aren’t Enough CMO’s


He might claim he invented them, but my IT folks tell me algorithms have been around well before Al laid claim to the Internet and all parts connected to same. However, that doesn’t mean our own Al Gore Rhythms aren’t important or powerful.

The weekend of February 11th, we made some heavy-duty upgrades to the attributes of our agency search engine and the complicated, decisive algorithms that drive it. Please pay attention to the next few sentences – it

affects your agency’s ability to be found.

Until we made those changes, a searcher’s (potential client) selection that showed us they were looking for an advertising agency (versus pr firm, direct marketing, sales promotion, media buying firm, etc.) was informational only. It was the actual services they sought (like public relations, media buying, brand equity development) that generally dictated the type of firm that surfaced. Now, when they select ad agency, only those firms that have declared their Primary SIC to be Advertising Agency will be found. Same goes for PR firm, direct marketing firm, etc. I encourage you ASAP to make sure you’re calling your firm what you think clients will call you! GoTo:
Then Section 11.

At the same time, we expanded and enhanced our Geographic selection options in advance of expanding our International operations. REVISED WEB SITE COMING – WE WOULD VALUE YOUR INPUT

We’ve been toiling away on a significant upgrade of our entire web site, and we’d like to ask for your input and comments. General comments are welcome, including anything you’d like to see or have us remove? Then specifically, let us know what we should add (or delete) from the following sections (check your own agency file for details):

Fields Served
Services Offered
Professional Organizations
Business Classification
Compensation Options
Market Specialization
Media Experience

Comments ASAP please! To:


Our promotional project to “Get Grandma to the Games in 2006” was a success. Anne Abernathy is the oldest female Winter Olympian, and she made it Six Olympics at that. We’re very proud of Anne, her stamina, her spirit and her ability just to lie down

and get back up after those harrowing high-speed rides.

She enjoyed the spotlight during Opening Ceremonies; then NBC’s Kerry Sanders did a great interview that broadcast Saturday night in prime time on NBC Nightly News. She was mentioned on the Today Show and on Jay Leno, and she marched last night in the closing ceremonies. Unfortunately Anne crashed in Sunday’s practice and broke her wrist; she was the first of seven more that crashed on Monday. Her coverage continued; and our clipping service picked up heavy press each day since.

E-mail to her website and to NBC has been most generous; a number of companies have expressed interest in speaking and/or spokesperson assignments. If you have a client that might be interested, give us a call.


Many agency new business “suits” might argue otherwise, but the demise of CMO magazine in early January was apparently because “the marketplace is not of the size and scale to support the business in its present format.” That’s what the folks at CXO Media reported. As in – there aren’t enough Chief Marketing Officers and senior marketing executives to support a magazine? Remember when Al Ries complained that ad agencies didn’t advertise – maybe they weren’t solicited by CMO.

With the trend we’ve been seeing, why not come back with a vengeance as CMO/CPO/CFO? Would that be a hot property and mailing list or what!

Thanks for taking time to read this; we look forward to getting you face-to-face with a great prospect.


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