AgencyFinder contributes to InfoCommerce 2006 – the single publishing conference that transcends traditional media categories.

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October 10, 2006 — AgencyFinder contributes to InfoCommerce 2006 – the single publishing conference that transcends traditional media categories.

Philadelphia, PA – The most interesting and successful data producers can no longer be pigeonholed by traditional media definitions. And that’s where the InfoCommerce conference breaks the mold – it convenes all kinds of publishers who are bound only by their ability and willingness to pioneer, experiment and take risks.

InfoCommerce 2006 provides a platform unlike any other conference, and it delivers an audience that no other venue reaches – b2b data publishers. Attendees include the old-guard powerhouses, the independents, and the new Web-based content producers. What they all have in common is a willingness to pursue change, and they therefore represent a very receptive audience.

For the 2006 Philadelphia conference, AgencyFinder (winner of InfoCommerce Group’s 2005 Model of Excellence Award) was invited to participate in the session entitled “Licensing: Can This Deal Be Saved?” – Many a publisher has been seduced by the promise of easy money from licensing and joint ventures, only to be jilted at the altar. This group discussion dissected several real-world successes and failures, to minimize the pain and maximize the gain of individual licensing deals.

Tom Johnson, Executive Vice president
Carroll Publishing
JoAnn Amore, Director
Professional Certification Directory Business,
Janice McCallum, Principal
GrandView Insight, Inc.
Charles Meyst, CEO
Business Partnering International

Licensing remains a hot button topic for many in the industry. The opportunities to work with channel partners via licensing deals are proliferating in this era when market segmentation and multiplying technology platforms are all the rage. Some publishers have never negotiated licensing deals beyond their own customer sales agreements; some have dabbled in licensing deals (without ever feeling as if they are good at it); and few if any benchmarks or best practices exist to guide the way. This typically leaves publishers with a lot of hand-crafted agreements that are hard to administer because they are all slightly different, and a nagging sense they may be leaving money on the table. When one extends into the topic of joint ventures, multiply all these issues by two, along with some added strategic complexities.

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