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Client Search News – October 19, 2006

This CLIENT SEARCH NEWS is for individuals registered @ agencyfinder.com. Forward to those in your company or others elsewhere involved in the advertising or public relations agency selection or review process.


1. Efficient, Low Cost Methods for Introducing Clients & Qualified Agencies
2. Topic – Industry Search Consultants – Your Input is Invited
3. Client Testimony & an Enlightening Agency Essay
4. Client Board of Advisors; You’re Invited
5. When is a Lead Not a Lead?
6. Tis the Season Already


If there is every indication your company needs professional outside marketing help, and assuming you’re an educated, informed, fairly talented marketing type, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embark on a search for the perfect ad agency or pr firm (assuming you have none yet, or came to the conclusion you have the wrong

marketing partner). The front end workup is a bit arduous no matter how you tackle it; but the back end can be great fun, and quite educational at that.

The front end is essentially identifying the who, what, when, where and why of what you’re looking for, and then identifying firms that posses those qualities. Finding a large handful to interview in the 30,000 universe that claim to be “agencies” is the biggest challenge. There are many who may offer to help with that for a fee, but if you’re the “hands-on” type, then you should enjoy our process, particularly because our service costs you nothing. Beyond that, we’ll help and guide you; we’ll outline every step and even furnish you a map – “The Complete Guide to Managing Your Own Agency Review.” Take advantage of our 10 years and more than 7,000 such events. That front- end can be done in a few days. And the whole process can wrap in 60 days thereafter. Visit www.agencyfinder.com for details.


In our last agency newsletter, we asked “Would you be interested in an article or white paper that tells the “whole truth and nothing but” about search consultants? Adweek and AdAge do bits and pieces, but the one area they never address is – who is paying what, to whom, when, under what circumstances, and just what do search consultants get paid, and just what do they really do? (to earn those fees). And finally, who runs a clean ship, and who is conflicted? Would you vote for such an expose?” The consensus was Yes. If you’ve had any experience and want to share, please do so. At this stage, we’re collecting resource information, and would speak with you before anything gets published. Address it to me:


Testimonials are the bane of many ad campaigns. We don’t solicit them, and I personally feel that one after another is boring and suspect. This one though seems to cover what tends to concern most clients. Enjoy.

“I can tell you that using agencyfinder.com turned out to be much more than finding an ad agency. It streamlined the process, for sure, and by placing our needs only in front of candidates with the best overall fit for our company it eliminated the hours and headaches involved in false starts. Beyond that, though, the process you laid out was the genesis for discussions that clearly defined our direction

and made the choices far easier, because it established tangible benchmarks to gauge the capabilities of each agency against our objectives. Without that, it would be difficult, as every agency in your database was very competent and knowledgeable. I can’t thank you enough.”

Michael Zepponi, Agri-Com Capital, Red Bluff, CA

Our agencies write essays to share their thoughts in seven topic areas (we could publish a book!) but I selected to share this one that offers great advice for everyone.

Essay Topic – Culture
(from our friends at BuderEngel & Friends, San Francisco, CA)

Be accountable.
Share ideas.
Accept ideas.
Build on each other’s ideas.
Help each other.
Particularly when you’re not asked to.
Embrace change.
Demand more of yourself first;
then of others.
Try something different.
Converse more.
E-mail less.
Listen some more.
Challenge everything.
Enjoy each other.
Respect each other.
Listen some more.
Respect those for
whom we create
our work.
Enjoy your craft.
Be open.
Listen some more.
Make something
better than it was.
Make yourself better
than you were.
Have fun.

We’re starting to assemble clients who would like to be part of our Client Board of Advisors. It’s a chance to contribute to the industry and the match-making process. If you’d like to join, drop me a note: Find a description at: https://www.agencyfinder.com/client-board-of-advisors.shtml


In our last agency newsletter we also posted this: “Agencies that get our invitations frequently thank us for the “lead.” But we’re looking for a better word. Leads come in various forms, but in the sales sense, a lead is the suggestion (based on some degree of fact) that a prospect may be interested or looking for a particular good or service. But the typical lead is not pre-qualified, tested, perfected, validated or consulted in depth. Our invitations are far more than leads. When the agencies were invited to pitch Wal-Mart, did they thank the consultant for the “lead?” I don’t think so. The industry needs a new word – any thoughts?”

We received some interesting suggestions, but the winner for the moment is… “Introductions.” Thanks to Walter Ohlman of Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc. in Columbus, OH. Walter points out the obvious.

Nobody “introduces” someone unless they are willing to endorse, to refer, to affirm. Our’s are NOT leads; they are Introductions. Referrals, recommendations, acknowledgements, affirmations. And so it is…


If you’re thinking you want to speak with some agency candidates, it’s absolutely TIME to do that. Agencies get wrapped around themselves as Thanksgiving approaches, and this year, you can add elections, North Korea and whatever else to the equation. So I say – Get Cracking! Log in and start searching.


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