Do You Realize How Long We’ve Known Each Other?

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Flash Report @ AgencyFinder – February 28, 2007


1. Do You Realize How Long We’ve Known Each Other?
2. AgencyFinder Selects PrimeNewswire as News Distribution Partner
3. A Capabilities Presentation – When & Where
3. Guest Authors @
4. New Business Awards
5. Recent RefNet Assignments


Think back to February 18, 1997. I can barely do that, and only can because that’s when I made the commitment to open and operate an Internet and off-line client and agency match-making service. Then it was the world’s first and only, and it remains so today. Back then, I barely understood e-mail, but came to the rather immediate realization that distributing CD-ROMS via USPS with agency data to prospective advertisers every quarter (i.e. – searchers) was not the way to do this.

I also recall the agency world was barely “wired” for what we wanted to do. So we began with a USPS mailed invitation to thousands of agencies (I call

them close friends). We’d come to know them over the previous six years as we discussed agency new business development. That’s what our expertise was then. As consultants, we knew and taught the “ins and outs” of agency new business.

In getting to know agencies and how they managed business development, it became clear that most who worked at it weren’t too fond of doing so. They were quick to pronounce – “Get us in front of a good prospect, and we’ll close that business!” Pitching was like show business, and that they loved. But it was the “getting-in-front-of” part that few cared to tackle.

It was on a return consulting trip from Campbell-Ewald in Detroit that it hit me. Let’s develop a process that will eliminate and relieve the agencies of the outreach (Dialing- for-dollars, rubber chicken mailers, blind dates). And that’s how AgencyFinder was born.

Who cares you say? Probably not that small contingent who have yet to strike new client gold, either as business or as opportunity. But certainly those, who over the years, have come to know that our service delivers interesting, sometime large, sometimes small, some lovely and some feisty new business opportunities. I hope you’re in that latter group. On to the next ten! AGENCYFINDER SELECTS PRIMENEWSWIRE AS NEWS DISTRIBUTION PARTNER

In a move designed to broaden awareness of newly formed advertiser, agency and pr firm partnerships by using targeted reach and frequency, AgencyFinder announced a strategic alliance with Los Angeles-based PrimeNewswire.

“We’re pleased to partner with this fine company. With AgencyFinder now celebrating our tenth year in business, we’re always open to new ways to introduce our no-cost, ad industry match-making process to the B2B community,” remarked Charles Meyst, Chairman and CEO. “With more than 7,600 completed pairings under our belt, our advertisers and marketing agencies deserve timely and far-reaching announcements, and those same users should find PrimeNewswire’s news distribution services useful for their own businesses.” In addition to the advertising market, visitors to will find breaking news for 82 more verticals posted at the PrimeNewswire page – from “Acquisitions” to “Webcast.”

About PrimeNewswire – PrimeNewswire, Inc. (formerly known as PrimeZone) is a press release newswire and multimedia service with one of the world’s most extensive distribution networks.

Since inception, PrimeNewswire has helped fuel competition by offering superior service at the lowest price in the industry. PrimeNewswire has been an industry trendsetter with many firsts in the industry. These firsts include a free online clip report; delivery of news via html e-mails; a newsline and Web site for Homeland Security releases; an online customer service center; the first to eliminate a 15-minute delay in disclosing financial releases to all media; and the initial wire service to offer IR Web site management.


When a client talks, don’t listen, at least if they invite you to come to “them” for your agency capabilities presentation. Going to them is an old concept and it’s hard for them to change. There’s the tendency for the client to think that it’s a great idea for you and a few other “suits” to fill a traveling case with agency goodies, the latest high-intensity video projector, some samples and case histories, and fly, drive or walk to their wood-laden client conference room. The “few of you” presenting to the “many of them” far away from home and familiar surroundings is always awkward and never tells the entire story. Next time you’re invited to do that, (excluding an invitation) turn the tables. Invite the prospect to come to you and agree to pick up the tab. Expenses are essentially a trade-off, since two or three of you traveling will run about the same as two or three of “them.” At that, you can stay seated, even working on their presentation while “they” do the traveling. At your place, you’ve got everything at hand when and as you need it – and beyond that, they’ll get to meet and greet the full variety in your organization. Since chemistry is such a vital component in the ultimate selection, you have the advantage of being able to introduce and test until you identify the best combination.


Yes, I ran this last issue. But many of you were caught up in the holiday spirit and failed to respond. So let me repeat. For those prepaid Directors Club or Referral Network agencies, you’re invited to become a “Guest Author.” An opportunity to blog a bit at Your topics should be around and about new business. We aren’t setting a specific length just yet; send an outline of your topic and give us a feeling for length. You’ll hear from us either way. That work will find its way into the Flash Reports and if there’s enough content and interest, we might add a page at the site. I’m all ears…


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