Chinese Food Association (non-profit/non-government) Producing New York Event – Seeks NYC Marketing

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The US. Chinese restaurant industry was developing very fast in the past decades. According to statistics in 2007, there are about 40,000 Chinese restaurants in US – more than the number of McDonald’s and Taco Bells combined, and this number is estimated to be approaching 50,000 now. This industry generates sales over $20 billion US dollars per year, however, in many westerners’ opinion, Chinese food is cheap and Chinese restaurants are noisy and dirty. As there are significant differences between eastern and western dining habit and culture, Chinese food is always regarded as unhealthy . Chinese-American Culinary Culture Seminar aims to discuss and exchange sharing from restaurateur in US, transmit the Chinese culinary culture, and promote the image of Chinese cuisine.

Our NYC Chinese-American culinary culture seminar event in 2012 will address all these issues in a positive format. We are looking for a PR firm or event planner in that market.  Budget < $100,000

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