Calgary, AB Client Seeks Nimble Firm to “Pull-it-Off,” One Event After the Other!

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The Opportunity: AgencyFinder is managing an agency selection review for a B2B client in Calgary, Alberta. They’ve identified their event budget as under $100,000 and are seeking to find and hire a marketing partner with experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Their primary audiences are professionals who recruit, retain and develop engineering talent. They produce employment conferences and also assist companies with their recruitment needs and recruitment training.

The Assignment: Define advertising strategy for our next “2012 Empowering Women Engineers” conference. Implement an automated drip marketing campaign to turn leads into interested prospects and registrants. Create extensive attention to promote our event as a media extravaganza. Select and distribute premium promotional products to help establish company’s name and brand. Conduct marketing research, identify and implement programs and services that extol our event comparative advantages, define the ideal customer, write a marketing plan.

The Ideal Candidate: Looking for powerful, motivational copywriting, branding, publicity, event planning & design. Ideal candidates are located in Canada or Northern Midwestern US and have experience marketing to those with technical education. Best bet – a nimble firm that can help us “pull it off” one event after the other!

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