Hughmongus, World-Famous POS Manufacturer Needs Packaging, Branding & Hand-Holding

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AgencyFinder is managing an agency review for a global company headquartered in the Midwest. As a B2B manufacturer and marketer of POS systems, they plan to take a fresh look at marketing partners and have asked us to assist them in identifying qualified as well as interested candidates. They used our pull-down menu to identify their initial budget in the $1MM – $2.5MM range ( fees & production – no media ) The Assignment: They need a new marketing partner, maybe more than one – depending on how much they can find under one agency’s roof. There’s the need for fresh branding and brand strategy, coupled with many other needs running the gamut. See below for how they defined that. 

Wish we could tell you more, but can’t do that quite yet. We can suggest they would be a bright spot in your client portfolio! Their Request for Dialogue included the following: FIELDS SERVED: Computers, computer peripherals, Computer systems & design, Retail stores & chains (optional), telecommunications & Data Communications.


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