Are You Willing to Work on a Contingent Fee Basis? Here’s an Opportunity …

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Marketer writes … Announcing Our 3 New Exclusive Ad Mediums That Cut Through All The Traditional Media’s Clutter, Deliver Your Unforgettable Message, Dominate Your Competition, Give You An Unfair Competitive Advertising Advantage And Get You The Results You Want And Need. Guaranteed We provide agencies and principals with the most effective, exclusive advertising mediums ever devised – getting you the results you need. Guaranteed … Our attention-getting unique, exclusive mediums include the first North American Advertising Airships Fleet, the first remotely-managed Digital Advertising Signage Network and the first Digital Advertising Trucks.

We’d like to hire an advertising agency familiar enough with varying mediums to package each of our advertising mediums (primarily our planned Fleet of Advertising Airships and Digital Advertising Signage Networks) so that their exposure is maximized among media buyers, other agencies and principals.

We’re willing to put in place an agreement that awards the agency for performance. In other words, the more space we sell on our varying mediums, the more money the agency makes.

If interested, Contact AgencyFinder at 804-346-1812

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