International Computer Aided, Online, Speed Reading Learning Application uses Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Beta

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We’re creating a computer aided, online, speed reading learning application that teaches users how to increase their reading rate and how to remember better. Public beta is scheduled for fourth quater 2012. We will do a crowdfunding campaign and need an agency for a supporting promotion campaign so people actually get to know our project and start supporting it. Therefore we need assistance in three steps: 1: Reviewing and – if necessary – improving the projects video and text presentation used at the crowdfunding campaign. 2: A promotion campaign to support the crowdfunding campaign with the goal of getting publicity and getting people supporting our project. 3: Once the app is released (scheduled for early 2013): A second promotion campaign to get people using our (free) service (his step depends on the success of step 2).

We’re in Austria and prefer an agency here on in the UK. Budget TBD

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