Consumer Products Company Headquartered in the North East Wants to Promote Dental Care Products

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Digital; Internet; Branding … AgencyFinder is managing an agency review for an established consumer products company headquartered in the North East. They make and market a number of healthcare-category products, but this review will focus on their dental care products that address gingivitis and bleeding gums. Bleeding gums is a leading symptom of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss, gum surgery and worse. Most people (over 35) already suffer from gingivitis and don’t know it. Most people don’t know they can do something to stop, cure or prevent the disease.

The client wants an agency to help find people who suffer from bleeding gums and convince them to try their products since they have an important part of that solution. They’d like to wage Internet advertising to capture those who are searching for a solution and let them know they exist and where to purchase. The Internet seems tailor-made for this assignment but they are having trouble finding a partner that knows how to market on the Internet at the same time exhibiting skill-sets for mass distributed products like theirs. As the CEO remarked, “I’d like our agency partner to have some experience selling packaged goods products where the main medium was paid Internet advertising. In our recent experience, boutique digital agencies are technically competent but don’t seem to get some of the important nuances about how a business like ours gets and keeps consumers. In the ideal set-up, we’d deal with marketing-savvy people who understand the creative process and the technical stuff and help make it all work effectively.” The client used our pull-down menu to indicate an initial budget of $100,001 – $250,000

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