Unusual Southeast Farm, Heavy Equipment & Construction Equipment “Finder” seeks Marketing Partner

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Our focus is in the farming, heavy equipment and construction industries. Our mission is to help potential buyers – Locate Equipment And Parts FAST! Our company and our website is the only known website where companies can outline their entire inventory into one database. We have eliminated the itemizing, editing and photo uploading that is generally involved in advertising equipment and parts on the internet.  With us, companies can complete our five(5) step click-thru process in a matter of minutes The information they provide is automatically stored in our database, which is used to match with requests submitted by our visitors, that are in search for equipment and/or parts. We have an Internal Communication System that alerts buyers and sellers of matching requests. It also allows both parties to respond to each other, without leaving the security of our site. This ensures their privacy until either party chooses to share contact or business information. This communication system also gives us the ability to monitor all activity and see if the site is or is not working for our users. Which provides us with information and the opportunity to better serve our users. Each registered user is also provided with a Member Dashboard work area. Here they can respond to requests, view their account information, manage/update their inventory status and monitor request activities. This concept is un-matched and has potentially unlimited possibilities for both the buyers and the sellers in this field of interest.

Need assistance letting people know that there is another way of finding what they need on the internet. That there is an alternative to search engines and surfing through endless links. As well as letting companies know that there is an easier and less expensive way to let people know what they have for sale. Budget $250,000 – $500,000


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Total Searches: 11519
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Searches This Year: 9