Domestic Football Game and Score Card Opportunity – Just Needs Advertisers

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Pitchcast

We get these “opportunities” from time to time. During our initial telephone interview, we explain they are looking for a “media rep” or someone of their employ. Just in case any of you are adept at something like this, study this one and come forward if it’s your cup-of-tea! Used our budget pull-down to show $10MM – $25MM.

We hold a copyright on a football game and score card. It can be utilized as a unique advertising media as an insert in any and all newspapers. The value the game card is the long amount of time the advertisers ads will be viewed as fans play the game card while watching football games on T.V. The advertiser would pay us a royalty. The product (game card) on an insert does not cost the advertiser anything additional except our negotiable fee. The cost of printing the insert stays the same and there is no extra charge from the newspaper for its distribution. Need a reputable agency to introduce, promote and secure advertisers.




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