Let’s Say Your Grandfather Named You as the Beneificiary of His Toll-Road System; What Then?

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Pitchcast

That’s not exactly the case (no death or will involved here), but there is a toll-Road system in need of a full-service marketing firm. In our “Fields Served” section where we list more than 180 business vertical markets, you won’t find Toll-Roads but you will find Transportation (other than airlines) and Travel. Not bad for related experience. The client likens their challenge to that of a restaurant, a theatre, a ball-park, even a retailer – as in “selling seats.”

So do you have Transportation and/or Travel experience? Are you full service? Might you even have past experience working with a Toll-Road system or a highway department? If that’s the case and you’re somewhere west of the Mississippi, reach out to us here at AgencyFinder.com. Budget – $100,001 – $250,000 to cover fees, production and media.

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