Specialists in Environmental Disasters Seeks Replacement Agency

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We’re a large manufacturer of products which are used in environmental disaster response (floods, major oil spills, Hurricanes) efforts to protect lives and property. These products are also used to reinforce levees, to establish and maintain wetlands and to reclaim and build shorelines and beaches which have washed away. :

Looking for a full service marketing agency that can help us establish where we are in the environmental market and to help us chart a refocused marketing strategy. This agency would be needed to help implement this strategy with a fully integrated marketing effort including web, print, PR, advertising, trade shows as well as social media nodes.

We have a proud 30 year history and have sold over $1B in support to the US and Foreign militaries for Force Protection and over $20MM in environmental mitigation. However, with the war ending and floods intermittent – the company must refocus on addressing previously unaddressed market areas in the Western Hemisphere. Could you help? Budget TBD

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