Georgia Company has Two Businesses; One Need – Direct Marketing!

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We have two businesses at our location. The first leases parking spaces to tractor-trailer drivers and companies to park their equipment when they are not on the road. We provide gated and monitored parking lots with assigned spaces for these individuals and companies. The second is an indoor/outdoor paintball field at a converted truckstop and hotel. We provide paintball equipment, paint, and the grounds for groups and individuals to play paintball, airsoft, or host other events (including police training and Live action role.playing games).

We need to increase our clients for both businesses. This will likely be through direct marketing and advertising to truckers, truck companies, and others needing secure parking for their equipment and goods. Then to church/youth organizations, schools, and individuals that would be interested in playing paintball. Since both of these are niche groups finding the right people to advertise to is essential. Budget < $100,000


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