We’ve identified a few specialized agencies with open capacity

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1. We’ve identified a few specialized agencies with open capacity
2. Search In Your Underwear, No One Will Know
3. When Needs Search Consultants?
4. Are You Experiencing a Sales & Marketing Perfect Storm?


These days it’s fairly unusual to find agencies with the ability to take on a new client. Ever since
2008 when the economy dipped, most agencies downsized to adjust their staffing to their workload
at the time. Since then quite a few agencies failed to make it and had to close their doors. Clients
of those firms had to seek new marketing partners, and the good news was that most were
fortunate enough to do so.

But in this economy, agencies continue to carefully adjust staffing to workload. Recently I asked
our agencies to tell us where they had open capacity, specifically what vertical markets or “client
categories.” The list below represents those vertical markets they identified. As you know or may
recall, our database represents over 180 choices, so as you can see, this list of 35 represents a
relatively small portion.

If for any reason, either on small project or a new agency partner, it might be appropriate for you
to conduct a search, please register again and do so. If you have any doubts or are not certain,
pick up the phone and give me a call at 804-346-1812. Thanks.

The List:

Automobiles & light trucks
Automotive parts & accessories
Beer, wine, liquors
Building materials
Business Services
Computers, computer peripherals
Computer systems & design
Diagnostic equipment
Electric utilities
Electronics, consumer (radios & televisions)
Financial services
Grocery, food stores
Home furnishings
Hotel, lodging
Industrial equipment – heavy
Industrial equipment – light
Machinery & supplies
Medical aids & devices
Medical & physicians groups
Mortgage Lending
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
Package goods
Professional Services
Public utilities
Real Estate Developers
Retail stores & chains
Solar goods & services
Toys & games

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Many of our clients begin their search for an ad agency or pr firm from the privacy of home –
clothing optional! So can you. If you can’t find time at the office, if you want some privacy or
need time to think, then home works. When you’re under pressure to identify and hire a new
marketing partner, don’t let outside elements dictate when or where you start.

When you finish making your no-charge on-line selections with us, you’re not left to fend for
yourself. We provide “human” assistance by phone. You select who you want, we invite them.
It can’t get any easier. Let us know how we can help.


During a recent New York event, the Search Consultant panel was launched with an off-putting
“have you stopped beating your wife” question and things went downhill from there. That wasn’t
fair, and it’s about time everyone accept the fact that consultants of all kinds are here to stay.
Does that mean there’s room for a bad consultant? Certainly not!

Search consultants are needed where clients are rusty; where clients need help identifying exactly
what they need in an agency, and what they don’t; when the client organization is a political hotbed
that could cloud the process and confound the likelihood for any decent agency relationship; when
the client isn’t necessarily looking to be certain the agency maintain profitability, or wants little more
than “Kinko’s-on-call;” where a client is more impressed by attractive ads for others or doesn’t see
the imperative umbilical connection between strategy and execution; or where client management
wants a “kept” shop to name-drop, rather than an extended-life marketing partner.

What’s the Search Consultant’s job? To facilitate the coming together of a handful of well pre-
qualified agency candidates and a prepared, rehearsed client. To guide the client through that myriad
of steps and examinations that will allow the client (not the consultant) to clearly see which agency is
ultimately the best choice. It means no tedious, redundant RFI’s or RFP’s. It means allowing each
agency to speak with the client directly – no screening or big-brother thing. It means allowing open
dialogue and due-diligence early-on so agencies can see to drop out – saving time and much money.
It means first visits and capability presentations at each agency and not at client headquarters. It
means client briefing documents (and non-disclosures) so each competing agency doesn’t have to
assume or speculate. And it means no spec creative.

If it’s a New York client and a New York consultant, it’s pretty easy to find a New York agency. A quite
lunch at a big table, a stack of AdAge and ADWEEK top-100 lists, a Redbook directory, a generously
circulated invitation and a quiet tip to Stuart Elliott at the New York Times. But most clients want and
deserve more than a “good-olde-boys” review. So above and beyond all the handholding and
professional guidance, the search consultant owes each client the use of a meticulous process
identify that handful (not a shotgun field) of pre-qualified and worthy candidates. That’s when
clients need consultants.


Are your sales down 10 or, 20%? Is your marketing budget down 10 or 20%? Is your department
staffing down? As the Captain of “your” corporate ship, how will you navigate up and out if you need
to? I guarantee there are agencies with answers, but does that capacity and capability exist within
your current marketing partner?

That’s really your question to answer, not ours, but look at it this way. In years past, when the economy
was robust and money flowed freely and you planned a hiking holiday in the rolling hills of Virginia, your
criteria for a guide might have been “physically fit, handsome, personable and knows the area!” But in
today’s economy you plan to scale Mt. Everest and your guide criteria are much different: “Knowledgeable,
skilled, accomplished, brave, daring, precise, a veteran of many successful climbs and one who can and
will save your life!” Today you’re looking to hire a guide for the Everest climb of your business career.

If you recently held a strategy meeting with your marketing partner (or if they didn’t think it was necessary)
and if either gives you the gut feeling that your partner is tapped out, then regardless of the strain of doing
so, it’s time to conduct an agency review. Search for a full replacement or an addition; what you need
depends on how you answered our first three questions. The process is much like hiring a new but
critical employee; it’s not much fun but the effort is worth every short-term inconvenience.

Our AgencyFinder process makes the marketing partner search relatively easy, pain free, rapidly-paced,
professionally guided, and offered at no cost. We’ll help you find, evaluate, invite and hire the perfect
marketing partner. You can start immediately by registering below or give us a call and we can begin
over the phone. As we are known to do since 1997, we provide confidentiality and as much or as little
counsel, guidance and direction as you need. References are proudly posted.


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