A “killer” closing line for agency new business telephone outreach …

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Pro-active and professional agency new business telephone outreach is the proper combination of “art” and “science.” As to its purpose, telephone outreach is to initially contact a qualified prospect with the eventual expectation of getting a face-to-face meeting. Well, that’s not going to happen (generally) on your first contact. But if you are patient and methodical, if you have engaged in meaningful and helpful conversation that has demonstrated your firm’s sincerity, resourcefulness, interest and ability to contribute, you’ll be on good ground to execute the “killer” closing line …

Assuming you have had 3 or more good conversations and have peaked the prospect’s interest by sending relevant material and suggestions, having shown that your firm may well have the ability to improve their marketing position, you say … “prospect, we’ve had some good conversations and covered lots of ground, but now I’m wondering … (pause) does it make sense to get together and meet? (silence – say nothing until the prospect answers) Best answer – I suppose so (you help identify when, where and how) Alternate answer – Well, I’m not sure (again, help suggest why and when) Least desirable answer – I don’t think so (suggest a continuation of conversations and a chance to propose again!)

Use it; It works …

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