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1. A “killer” closing line for new business telephone outreach …
2. Whassup! You claim healthcare, but don’t respond to your invitation …
3. New Client Interest in Your Agency @ AgencyFinder.com – get one?
4. What’s on your mind?


Pro-active and professional agency new business telephone outreach is the proper combination
of “art” and “science.” As to its purpose, telephone outreach is to initially contact a qualified
prospect with the eventual expectation of getting a face-to-face meeting. Well, that’s not going
to happen (generally) on your first contact. But if you are patient and methodical, if you have
engaged in meaningful and helpful conversation that has demonstrated your firm’s sincerity,
resourcefulness, interest and ability to contribute, you’ll be on good ground to execute the
“killer” closing line …

Assuming you have had 3 or more good conversations and have peaked the prospect’s interest
by sending relevant material and suggestions, having shown that your firm may well have the
ability to improve their marketing position, you say … “prospect, we’ve had some good
conversations and covered lots of ground, but now I’m wondering … (pause) does it make
sense to get together and meet? (silence – say nothing until the prospect answers) Best
answer – I suppose so. (you help identify when, where and how). Alternate answer – Well,
I’m not sure (again, help suggest why and when). Last ditch answer – I don’t think so
(suggest a continuation of conversations and a chance to propose again!)

It works …


Our database is deeper and wider than any other in the industry. More than 500 data fields get
your agency found. After you’re vetted by us and the client, you get your invitation. In some
instances, we even make trial outreaches by sending an e-mail to ask if the opportunity (we
define it) is a good fit. To save time for us, we suggest that no answer means no. But as a
courtesy we’d like to hear.

Please understand that if you claim it (experience, services, markets, etc.) you’ll have to prove
it to the client. If you need to update because your claims are no longer valid, you’re doing all
of us (you, us & the client) a disservice. Make a point to keep your profile accurate and current!


No, it’s not a trick message and it’s not a shill – it’s for real. When a client has finished their
search using our search engine, they have to limit their candidates to 35 or fewer. If your firm
is one of those, you get this e-mail:

Good Day,

Your agency was just selected in the preliminary round of a new CLIENT SEARCH.
Since we started tracking such invitations on DATE, your agency has made it
to this stage X times.

NOTE: This is a courtesy advisory, not an invitation. Other than updating or correcting
your profile, you need do nothing. Our records do indicate your agency registration has
expired. So if you wish to be considered as a candidate in this review or others in the
future, please renew your $500 Manager registration now. That entitles your firm to be
found, invited and to engage in unlimited due-diligence telephone interviews and will
make your firm fee-paid at that level for the next 12-months. Do so by credit card
or agency check here: https://www.agencyfinder.com/agencies/subscription- payment/

Remember, AgencyFinder is a “Club” for New Business Professionals. The program
is simple and straightforward, and ROI is easy to identify and measure. Your Registration
Fee payment gets you up and running with minimum investment and delay. The balance
becomes due only when you accept your first pitch opportunity – which could be just days
away. Our fee covers an annual membership; not “per occurrence.”


Seeking: Advertising
Budget: $1,000,001 – $2,500,000 (client to provide details during initial telephone interview)
Covers: Advertising (fees)
Fields Served: Fashion accessories, Fashion – Men’s & boys,
Client Location: OH USA

In this instance, your agency was selected in-part based on your listed previous experience.
To see how your firm will appear to this client, click on the link below and then enter your
User Name and Password. If you find any errors or omissions in your report, fix them
immediately. https://www.agencyfinder.com/agencies- bin/secure/manager/get_print_listing_user.cgi

If you’ve forgotten your User Name or Password, click below and enter your e-mail
address at Item # 2. https://www.agencyfinder.com/agencies/agency-login/ – or call us.

It’s significant your agency got this far. The client has reached the last stage of their on-line
search. They are now at the [CANDIDATE AGENCIES GRID], where they view each agency
report, work with us for our input, and use that information to compile their invitational short
list. If you make the next cut, you will hear directly from us. You are not advised if not
selected. In order to make that cut, the client will weigh any or all of the following factors:

o Error-free data entry
o Finished, compelling, error-free essays
o Completed case histories (more than one)
o Office Location(s)
o Number of employees
o Capitalized billings
o Number of offices
o Years in business
o Ownership
o Professional organizations
o Services offered
o Media experience
o Fields served
o Market specialization
o Business classification
o Compensation options
o Fee status

If you haven’t experienced our Demonstration Search, we’d suggest you do so.
See exactly what a client sees by following this link:


If you have any questions or would like to know how to improve your firm’s “magnetism”,
give us a call.

— Charles Meyst, Chairman & CEO


That’s an open-ended question. If you have a question, or if something is on your mind,
drop me a note …

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