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As I did on September 11, 2001, this morning I sat on our living room couch in Richmond, Virginia and watched the news. What I saw today was a replay of inappropriately labeled “highlights” from the attack on the Twin Towers in New York back then. My emotions of that day returned; I was sickened seeing those that chose jumping to fire. I teared for people running from death. I struggled to understand – who, why, for what?

Back in 2001 I was scheduled to fly to Cleveland for an industry conference. As the tragedy began to unfold on the screen before me, under the circumstances I thought of the foolishness to travel by air today. But I had committed to the trip. Staying seated for as long as I could without jeopardizing my travel plans, I finally rose and kissed my wife goodbye.

I’d been carrying around an unsigned and unwitnessed “last will and testament” in my car and decided now was the time and occasion to do something about it. On the way to the airport, I pulled off to get to one of our bank branches. Quickly in, sign and witness and I was on my way. On the Interstate and heading to the airport, the radio news was interrupted by the announcement that the Government had mandated ALL aircraft to land and none were to take flight. Thank God, my problem was solved …

And it seems today, September 11, 2014 passed without incident.

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