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In the tried and true spirit of the advertising industry, we’re proud to announce V6.0, another milestone for

imagemap2In our commitment to be the Number One agency & client match-making service, we never set out to lead the industry in graphic design or website development. Matter of fact, our initial position was not to try to compete with our agencies, since that was their turf. Here’s V1.0 back in 1997. And we maintained something along that line until early 2002. We introduced our “globe” version that year or as one associate called it, the “marble.”

Over the last year or so, we’ve seen the emergence of the agency full-screen, scroll-down site. At first glance, many are most striking. Real up close and personal and in your face! But many start to crumble at user-friendly navigation. A full-scroll top-to-bottom reveals very little content. It’s only if you search and find the often-hidden navigational tabs do you discover there’s more!

We were intrigued and decided to take the plunge. But what you’ll see with V6.0 is full-screen up-close-and-personal with a blending of “brand new and conventional” that we hope you like. Let me hear from you.

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