Calling all Farmers, Need Help Selling Corn Heads!

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Pitchcast, USA/North America

As home of the world’s first narrow row corn heads for 12-, 15-, 20- , and 22-inch rows, this Midwest company continues to build state-of- the-art custom-built corn heads in any number of rows, in any row width and any color to meet the unique harvesting needs of the farmer. They also sell patented residue management kits and components such as their patented replacement stalk rolls, weed knives, multi-zone beveled stripper/deck plates, drivers and idler sprockets, and gathering chains. They’re seeking an agency with significant experience in the Ag industry to assist their internal marketing department on the following fronts: Assist their marketing department in improving its integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach with clearer and more consistent messaging across all channels. They seek a firm that is familiar with the end user of their product (farmers) and industry trends to help in this regard. Budget $.5MM.

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