Our important Question – How Do You Want Your Invitation?

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HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR INVITATION?  That’s our important New Business question.

The proposition – You’re one of our special registrants looking for new business. Regardless of type, you built a profile here at AgencyFinder.com so you can be found and invited to speak and ultimately pitch a new client.

Now the good news – your firm surfaced as a candidate in this client’s search. All we need now is to send your invitation so you can schedule your initial client interview.

But there’s a problem. Increasingly our invitations haven’t been getting where they’re meant to go. In your profile you’ve given us your office landline, your fax and your e-mail. Here’s what we do and what’s been happening.

1. We send you an e-mail alert identifying the client, budget and client URL. We mention the full invitation will follow as fax.

a. e-mail gets to you; you do/don’t read it

b. e-mail goes to your Spam folder and is not read. Dead end.

2. We send you a fax

a. Fax gets to you and you read it

b. Fax gets there but someone picks it up and throws it away (thinking it’s an island travel offer in 48-Pt headline)

c. You no longer have a fax – obsolete technology you explain – ask that we scan and send as e-mail attachment

d. Scanning 6 pages – extra steps for us – that too goes to your spam folder

3. We phone to follow-up

a. We have to leave a voicemail (sometimes mailbox is full)

b. Someone offers to take a message; don’t know your schedule

c. You say or they say – never received the fax

d. New fax number and sent again

Consequence?  You’re either a “no-show” or significantly late. And that’s why we ask – HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR INVITATION?

We’re open to suggestions and we figure you’re the one with the answer!


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