The Folks Who Perform Thorough Background Checks Need to Hire an Agency – Southern CA Location

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Pitchcast, USA/North America

Our company delivers global background checks, drug testing and employment verification services through an innovative platform to help companies hire the right candidates, so they can grow successfully, and efficiently — no matter their size or where they operate. We’re seeking a third-party firm to assist us with refreshing our visual identity and messaging. We want to incorporate “helping people get hired” concept. It is our goal to have the project completed by April 2016. Specific Deliverables: New visual identity, Revise corporate collateral/communication templates, Revise brand/style guide, Create Message architecture Microsite that explains brand promise, Revise corporate brochure, and New Ads/creative that support new message. Budget TBD. Location: Southern California.

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