North East Tobacco Retailer Ready for Public Relations Assistance

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The Opportunity: AgencyFinder is managing a review for a US North East tobacco retailer. This company has been in business for years; has customers world-wide serviced through mail-order. They have an elaborate e-commerce website, and publish and distribute product catalogues. They continue to meet marketplace demands through internal growth and cross-departmental collaboration of fully staffed marketing, merchandising, web development and creative groups. They are a most impressive company and will surprise you as they did us!

The Assignment: They’re looking for a firm with significant PR capabilities and with top contacts within the news, financial & men’s lifestyle publication industry. Their intention is to increase the consumer awareness of their company through content placements featuring or referencing their company and their products and to reap the ancillary SEO benefits from this type of PR strategy.

They have authored their Request for Dialogue and indicate a budget of $10,000/$15,000 per month. Whether you’re a full-fledged public relations firm or a marketing firm with considerable public relations capability and experience, this could be perfect. Let us hear from you!

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