Global (International) Hearing Aid Agency Review

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When first posted at our PitchCast it read: Top International powerhouse in the assisted hearing industry planning to find and hire an advertising partner. Headquartered in Europe but looking for a firm in Metro New York, the project will focus on delivering an impactful launch campaign for a new line of hearing aids. This global campaign must generate awareness with both end users and hearing aid professionals and traffic (leads) into hearing aid clinics. Client indicates a budget of $2,500,001 – $5,000,000 Covers: Advertising (fees, production & media).

We don’t normally “pre-announce” but this agency review is unusual and global. The client has narrowed it down to their finalists, and now they will be transported to the client’s European headquarters (at the client’s expense). I’d love to tell you all about these folks and how they do business and have been doing business, but that’s not our place to do so. I am however wishing success to all competitors! Results to come.


You’ve heard that too many cooks spoil the broth, right? Well, on that topic many of you have asked my opinion on the ever-growing universe of “new business” provocateurs. Here’s where I come from … To function as a match-maker (other than list broker) I contend you must have walked in the shoes of an agency business development person or a marketing director on the client side. When I visit About Us on those recent interlopers, I see people with IT experience, but a distinct lack of the later. Assuming you’ve participated in at least one client’s review in your business life, you KNOW it’s much more than writing code or “connect-the-dots.”

Back some time ago there was a proliferation of “List” websites. Agencies spent valuable employee time and for some it was great summer intern project building profiles that were worthless from day one. For a short time folks even tried to keep those profiles updated but when reality set in, they stopped. If you’re looking at a new “Agency New Business” vendor website, study their people and their credentials before you spend your time – or your money.


ALEC BRADLEY SEARCH Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL Budget: $250,001 – $500,000 (fees, production & media) Client-Category: Tobacco products, Beer, wine, liquors, Luxury items Awarded to: PriceWeber, Location: Louisville, KY Contenders: One Eighteen, Los Angeles, CA, Current360, Louisville, KY,

SUNSOF SEARCH (Laura’s Empanadas) Location: Miami, FL Budget:  $100,001 – $350,000 (fees, production & media) Client-Category: Food, Food Service   Awarded to: evok advertising, Heathrow, FL  Contenders: LatinBrand, San Antonio, TX Stokes, McNutt & Partners, Auburn, AL

GUIDEDCHOICE SEARCH Location: San Diego, CA Budget: $100,001 – $250,000 (fees & production – no media) Client-Category: Financial Services  Awarded to:  Sagon-Sagon, Los Angeles, CA Contenders: Trone Brand Energy, High Point, NC Johnson Gray Advertising, Laguna Beach, CA One Eighteen, Los Angeles, CA

FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP SEARCH Location: Easton, PA Budget: TBA PR Fees  Category: Tobacco Products  Multiple Awards to: Amplify Relations, Reno Nevada; Barker, New York; PriceWeber, Louisville, KY;  SBC Advertising, Columbus, OH The assignment was expanded and subsequently awarded to more than one. Search timeline also extended to accommodate new FDA requirements, as would be the case at all tobacco-products companies.

PHEASANTS FOREVER SEARCH (on behalf of Honey Bee & Monarch Butterfly Partnership (HB&MBP)  Location: Elba, NE & others   Budget:  $100,001 – $250,000  fees, production & media  Category: Charities, Environmental (as in Green),  Fundraising, Non-profit  Awarded to: McDaniels Marketing Location: Pekin, IL Contenders: Crosby-Volmer, Washington DC,  Sagon-Phior, Los Angeles, The Monogram Group, Chicago


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I regret to announce the recent passing of Michael “Mike” Todd Roden, our WebMaster here at since our earliest days in 1999. Mike was the genius behind the complex algorithms that searchers used to find, examine, invite and meet some of the finest marketing firms in the world. Many of you had occasion to speak with him to resolve technical issues. Mike died unexpectedly while on a business trip. He will be missed and most difficult to replace. We extend our condolences to his family and many friends.

During the transition you may have noticed our website was down. It’s now back up operating as designed.


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