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  1. Traditional versus digital: Why does it even matter?
  2. Should agencies abandon SEO for themselves?
  3. There’s been an important change at Iridium
  4. What’s your best bet for a Biz Dev service?
  5. Recent New Business Assignments
  6. What Can We Do For You?


Traditional media has met its match with the advent of digital, and the advertisers have been weighing out the pros and cons for each medium to make spending decisions ever since. Media players however, are now saying the debate should stop because at the end of the day, content is king. More here: https://www.agencyfinder.com/2019/04/traditional-versus-digital-why-does-it-even- matter/


Back on May 14th Peter Levitan stated: “Google is going to screw your ad agency. Or better said, they are going to mess with your organic listing. Which means, that your ad agency will be harder to find. And, therefore screwed. Many of the ad, digital, etc. agencies I talk with tell me that their SEO is not delivering the power that it once did.” And he went on – in case you didn’t see it. That raised the question – with more than 40,000 “agencies” (some even suggest more than 100,000) they’re all building and tweaking their SEO to make themselves stand out in a sea of sameness. At this point and under the Google umbrella, the only real distinction one-to-another can be location, even down to street number. I don’t write code but believe that Google’s cataloging of agency particulars is not yet deep enough to discriminate as clients would wish, since agency websites are themselves lacking in attribute content. That makes Google just a giant Yellow Pages. We had that years ago.

Add curated alpha sort agency directories to the mix and this conglomeration is now forcing things back in the direction from whence we came. Back apparently to what Dave Currie with The List refers to as “proactive prospecting apps like Winmo.” Take a tour of the roster of agency search consultants as I did and you’ll note many are no longer in business. Scarcity and dilution takes its toll.

Realistically – how can 40,000 agencies differentiate themselves one from another? Maybe it makes sense to resort back to techniques and programs en vogue before the Internet. Food for thought – invent something new (Yes Virginia, we know about LinkedIn).


Iridium was always and still is a soft landing at AgencyFinder; it’s a free 12-month listing only; a close look at all that’s going on, and a free listing in Namefinder.

But note the change – you can be found but not invited, and you aren’t eligible to hold the crucial due-diligence client interviews. If your budget allows, put yourself in the active pool of considered and competing agencies at either our Manager Plan or EVP Business Plan. If you’re a player, Manager Plan is a must.


Good question and you decide. We’re an on-line search consultant. Our search algorithms identify our agencies as candidates when they satisfy the clients’ attributes. These are and/and propositions, meaning your agency must have claimed each and every attribute called for by the client. What we aren’t – we are not an RFP aggregator. Nor are we an open directory where clients are challenged to discriminate, find and then invite on their own. Rather, by the time you get your invitation, we and the client have examined your profile and your website. It’s up to you during the due-diligence interview to “cement” your candidacy. All that for your $500 annual investment. Study, then select your option at Plans & Prices: https://www.agencyfinder.com/agencies/plans-and-prices/

Build your profile: You have the opportunity to build your agency’s profile by selecting from more than 500 data fields. And that’s how you get found in a client search. Maybe you already updated your content with regard to “digital”, but if you do offer digital services like everyone seems to these days, best you go back and claim them! Under Business Classification we offer Digital and Interactive Media Firm; under Services we offer Digital production; Under Media Experience we offer Digital; I don’t want your firm outside looking in! Then and if not, Set Your Record Active!

Crucial registration hack – clients seldom select other than advertising agency or integrated marketing communications firm when they start their search, so you should select one or the other yourself. Let your services (i.e. digital, public relations, direct marketing, etc.) make further distinctions.


Client: CooperSurgical Location: Trumbull, CT Budget: $500,001 – $1,000,000 Client-Category: Cosmetics, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, Pharmaceuticals Awarded to: Gold PR New York & Irvine, CA Contender: Havas Formula, New York, NY

Client: Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) Location: Petaluma, California Budget: $350,000 in fees Client-Category: Environmental (as in Green), Non-profit Awarded to: School of Thought, San Francisco, CA Contender: Augustine, Roseville, CA

Client: PeerStreet Location: El Segundo, CA Budget: $100,000 in fees Client-Category: Financial services, Mortgage Lending, Real estate – residential Awarded to: Something New, Los Angeles, CA Contenders: Departure, San Diego, Sagon-Phior, Los Angeles


Every year’s there’s a new crop, a new batch of enthusiastic agency new business folks. Some come to that table with previous experience; others are brand- spanking new. So – regardless of your status, if there’s something you need with regard to agency business development and you don’t find it here, let me know.


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