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TIME TO ROCK – Is Your Agency Up To Speed? Are You Back In The Office?

  1. What’s Your Agency’s New Biz Budget for the Balance of the Year?
  2. Consider the State of Adland as Reported in the Ratti Report
  3. Even in a Pandemic – Well Done Everyone, Well Done!
  4. Shop Safely; No Face Masks Because We Sanitize Daily



Agencies country-wide have been fairly tight-lipped about their spending plans although the consensus seems to be – hold tight til we see the whites of their eyes. (borrowed that from somewhere) Clients are starting to move about, although the RFP crowd had continued almost unabated. Those are of the “invite them all and then screen like crazy” set. Generally not worth their weight in 80# paper. Every second LinkedIn post seems to be hawking the World’s Greatest Lead Development program. I truly LOVE those posts that start with a Millennial sharing the fact that this young’un made $32MM just last month on LinkedIn – and you can too. To all that I can tell you this – AgencyFinder is busting our hump to land and accommodate clients seriously looking to find and hire agencies. Historically, when they land here they are serious. We don’t hanker to tire kickers. Our plans are simple and affordable. Satisfied users agree. Put $500 aside. And the best you can do today is:

  • Check the content of your profile
  • Update the content of your profile
  • Claim all you can and all you can vet
  • Take your profile to a Power Index of 100%
  • Choose and execute on one of our paid plans.
  • Call here if you have questions or comments.


My good colleague Steve Ratti just addressed the New Biz topic over the weekend in his famous Ratti Report. Steve does a great job of curating, posting and offering guidance on new biz opportunities he finds as he screen the industry media each and every day. And as he says – he only posts those he would pursue himself. Here’s his take on things.

During this whole pandemic, we’ve been mining all the “Out of the Office Auto-Replies” we get every time we send out the DailyQ. Some observations.

  • During the Months of March-May, we’ve never seen so many “I no longer work at the agency”, “this email is no longer monitored” or “I am retiring” auto-replies. It slowed down to almost zero by July so that’s positive.
  • The number of new people joining agencies or at least getting on our radar has been and still continues to be on a steady climb.
  • The number of agency closings has been much lower than anticipated. Noted closings included M&C Saatchi LA and Barton F. Graf. As for smaller agencies, they either closed very quietly or they are hunkered down and are riding out the storm.

We also were keeping a close eye on client reviews while doing our reporting. Some observations:

  • Small to giant government RFPs never slowed down, especially in Tourism. If that’s in your wheelhouse, go out and pick one near you and see what happens.
  • It is true many reviews were put on hold but we see those being put back on the calendar now that it’s post Labor Day.
  • Client Review Tips are coming into Ratti Report more often. They are coming in via ad agencies who can’t pitch the business, disgruntled agency folks who have been fired and direct from the client.

Those are all Exclusive leads you’ll never find anyplace else so you’re at the right place! We are also monitoring Ratti Report membership stats. Some observations:

  • First time memberships has gone way up. (not to worry – we still have a fraction of members other services)

Then they told us the reasons they are joining:

  • Referrals are not what they used to be and a new source of leads was required
  • Using in-house resources to prospect clients is too expensive
  • Call centers scheduling “meetings” has really never worked PLUS now you need mobile phone numbers and nobody has those.

We’ll be back with more State of Adland soon.


I wrote this before but it deserves mention again – “Well Done Everyone, Well Done!” I’m talking about work by our registered agencies. I was reminded we should reach out more often to tell you and praise you … to share how impressed we are with your profiles, the marketing content and persuasive power of your websites and the astounding brands you represent!

Over the years, I’ve reminded you more times than not how important it is for your profile to be current and as magnetic as possible. But I haven’t told you how absolutely impressed (often “blown away!”) we are with your essays; the variety, successes and grand storytelling in your case histories, and finally the incredible brands posted to your client lists. To any observer, it would be easy to conclude that our agencies represent the majority of the world’s finest marketers …

It’s our assessment you’re responsible for outstanding work for great clients throughout North America and the UK. And that’s driven home daily as we navigate our way through your agency profiles and websites fulfilling our role to guide clients to highly-qualified marketing partner candidates!

I had to write to say thanks and congratulations!  Keep up the good work!  Well done everyone …


We’re so clean you can visit, navigate, read and then purchase – all without your mask. We don’t even care where your mouse has been. But we cleanse for you – so you can renew to begin anew.

Remember, paid agencies get the first crack at everything, and as clients renew their searching, one might be perfect for your shop. So…

 Thanks for taking time to look this over; as we have since 1997, we look forward to getting you face- to-face with great prospects. Then & Now – We built it for you!

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