Agency Business Development During Wartime

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Dear Chuck,

I’m a new biz guy with a medium-sized agency in the Midwest. If it hasn’t been bad enough for the last two years, now  I (and we) have to look for and capture new clients during the course of a “world war!” And talk about “teasers” – the administration should be congratulated  for hanging us all out there, wondering when Russia will invade Ukraine. With today’s marvelous International news reporting, there’s no way to isolate us (me and my prospects) from what’s happening and when our economy will take the hit. And should we think clients aren’t meant to moderate their marketing and advertising accordingly? Silly not to. So how can I push when they are wanting to pull?

Dear Pusher,

I too am wondering where our fickle economy will head next. Although many may choose to bury their heads in the sand, there will always be the forward thinkers who will push on. Now’s the time to practice what “selective prospecting” is all about. You probably already have a list of potential candidates (if not, now’s the time) but now classify them according to: 1. Critical; 2. Essential; 3. Optional; 4. No! In other words, pursue those that will be critical, then Essential during war . Itime. Companies with frivolous products and services are less likely to survive themselves. Don’t let those mess up your agency’s and your future. ! Help is Here.

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