Patented Solar Cars a Reality – It’s the Closest Thing to Flying!

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This client will share the spotlight with Elon Musk and Richard Branson if your firm has the talent to integrate all their technology using “futurspeak.” Imagine a solar-powered network, eliminating traffic jams and effortlessly moving people about city-centers in driverless vehicles. This patented solar-powered mobility network is a transportation answer for the ages, and “Putin’s war” is a driver.

Image result for SpaceX Starship still Shots. Size: 120 x 170. Source:

They’re looking for combination of agency experience with Government and state agencies, Transportation (other than airlines), and Venture Capital. For desired services they ticked off Brand positioning, Creative services (conservative, traditional), Marketing plan development, Public relations, Strategic planning & development and Trade show production – but that’s just what they thought. They’re not marketing experts so you might see it differently. Phase One budget $100,000 – $250,000. Phase Two: TBD  If this is your agency let us hear from you. And were you already notified?

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