When Hi-Tech is Too High

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At some point in every on-line transaction, the buyer wants more information from the seller. In the consumer/retail world, large, robust and expensive websites offer a plethora of options to accomplish that and to fine-tune an order. In the B2B world with large suppliers, they too operate massive hi-tech sites. But in the B2B world of smaller providers, and particularly with marketing firms and their websites, they seldom offer many options to garner more info or to connect.

It falls back to the Contact Us page and information found there. The common fill-in-the-blanks form is offered along with contact options.  Typical unisex email address and telephone. Some offer a contact name. It often then boils down to a call. COVID drove most from office to remote/home locations. And almost without exception to a cellphone. A quick-draw On-Your-Hip communication device.

So how many rings does it take to alert someone to the fact they’re getting a call (on their hip)? Pick a number – 3-4, 5-8, 9-12? 3-4 suggests they want your business or at least your call. 5-8 is starting to push their luck and sounds to some like no one is home. 9-12, if the caller even hangs in for whatever says you’re out of business! Yet the 9-12 version has crept into the marketing new business world and it’s a killer! Worse than that, the Robo operator repeats the number rather than offering a name for whom your message was saved. Too much hi-tech!

For anyone, particularly marketing firms wanting new business, answer that phone in 3-4. (And bosses – call your numbers to see what’s going on)

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